MLB 2022 Team Twitter Hashtags

With a new Major League Baseball season comes a new series of team Twitter hashtags.

Each of the 30 Major League clubs gets its own custom hashtag which gets decorated automatically when used with each team’s logo emoji.

Here are the 2022 MLB team Twitter hashtags:

Mostly, teams use whatever their team’s marketing slogan for the year is – this year’s buzz theme seems to be related to gaming as the Astros, (#LevelUp) Blue Jays (#NextLevel), and Giants (#SFGameUp) all make reference to it. Some teams just use their name – Diamondbacks (#Dbacks), Rockies (#Rockies), Cardinals (#STLCards). And then there’s a team like Cincinnati, who for the second year in a row is using #ATOBTTR, which appears like gibberish to anyone outside Cincinnati (it’s an acronym for “And This One Belongs to the Reds”).

If you’re using Twitter and want one of the logos in the graphic above to show up, simply write out that hashtag in your Tweet, it will appear automatically. Typically, the logo only appears for a limited time, the graphics will disappear from your Tweets after the season ends.