CF Montréal to Introduce New Crest for Use Starting in 2023 MLS Season

Major League side CF Montréal have heard the criticisms about their crest loud and clear, and they’re ready to act.

The club announced via Twitter on Thursday that they “have listened to our supporters and our partners” and that they would unveil a new crest in the near future that will be used starting in the 2023 season. “This emblem will highlight several key elements of our identity and history.”

The club announced their rebrand in January 2021, ditching the “Montreal Impact” name they’d had since joining MLS in 2012 in favour of “Club de Foot Montréal,” or CF Montréal for short.

Their new crest featured silver Ms and arrows forming the shape of a snowflake inside a roundel with a blue border. It was widely seen as a downgrade, though, in the weeks and months that followed.

There was no indication in Wednesday’s announcement whether or not the club might possibly revert back to the “Montreal Impact” name or any elements of that identity, like the blue and black vertical stripes on their home jerseys.