Dodgers, Giants Both Wearing Pride Caps In-Game in June

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced yesterday that they would be taking the field wearing the colours of the Pride Progress flag on June 3, 2022, at home against the New York Mets for the team’s ninth annual LGBTQ+ Night.

The cap would largely be the same as the Dodgers’ usual design, a Dodger blue crown and visor with a white button and interlocked “LA” logo on the front. The difference comes in the logo where the white would be replaced with ten multicoloured horizontal stripes.

Just over a week later, on June 11, the Dodgers will again wear their Pride-themed caps this time on the road when they visit the San Francisco Giants for their Pride Day game. The Giants will join the Dodgers in wearing a Pride-coloured logo on their cap, as well as on their jersey sleeve, just as the Giants did during the 2021 season.

“The Los Angeles Dodgers are proud to stand with and recognize the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles and globally,” said Stan Kasten, president & CEO, of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the team’s press release. “The Dodgers have a history of breaking barriers and we’re proud to be a part of another chapter in MLB history as the Dodgers and Giants each wear their team’s pride caps on June 11. While our organizations have a long-storied rivalry on the field, we stand together when it comes to equality for all.”

The Giants wore pride logos on their caps and sleeves previously on June 5, 2021