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Adidas Releases Match Balls for 2022-23 Champions League

With the 2021-22 Champions League now in the rearview mirror following Saturday’s final — which saw Real Madrid defeat Liverpool 1-0 on Saturday, May 28 — Adidas is looking ahead to the 2022-23 European campaign with the release of the match balls for next year’s competition.

Adidas listed the Pro Void model balls for sale on their German website Wednesday. The basic layout of the ball is pretty much the same as the ball used in Saturday’s 2021-22 final, with star-shaped panels interspersed with irregular hexagons to mimic the Champions League logo.

Courtesy Adidas

The primary ball (above) is white with offset stars created irregular geometric shapes inside the star-shaped panels; shapes near the middle and the points of panels are filled with black, while the rest are bright neon colours.

The high-visibility ball (below) used during the winter months is mostly orange, with the offset stars in the star-shaped panels in tones of black, silver and cyan in what Adidas calls a “deep space-inspired design.” The hexagonal panels also have darker orange lines near the edges.

Courtesy Adidas

Both balls feature 100% polyurethane covers with a 3D star texture all over. They also feature thermally bonded seamless construction and a high-grade butyl bladder that keeps the ball inflated longer.

A close-up of the 3D star texture on the Pro Void match ball. (Courtesy Adidas)