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MLB 2022 Father’s Day Caps Released

Major League Baseball today released their 2022 collection of New Era Father’s Day on-field caps. These caps will be worn by all teams during games played on Sunday, June 19.

Essentially recycling the design used just last month for Mother’s Day, the caps are graphite grey with a tie-dyed powder blue, silver-trimmed version of each club’s typical cap logo on the crown. The undervisor is also tie-dye powder blue.

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A closer look at the caps here:

And now the entire league:

The New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners stand out here because their caps are a slightly different colour, I’ve learned that this is just an issue with the product photography, the Yankees and Mariners caps are the same shade of graphite as every other club.

SHOP: 2022 Father’s Day on-field caps available now

A look back at the past three seasons of Father’s Day cap designs (there were no specialty caps in the pandemic shortened 2020 season), and hey, look at that, a bonus journey through our news item templates over the years:

As they have done every year for Father’s Day, MLB will again donate 100% of their royalties earned on Father’s Day cap sales to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.