Graphic: The Complete NHL History of Stanley Cup Socks!

Nobody asked for it and certainly nobody needed it, but you’re getting it, and I have a feeling you’re going to find it oddly interesting.

Today I present to you over one hundred years worth of Stanley Cup Socks. What’s we have here is the sock design worn by the two clubs to qualify for each season’s Stanley Cup Final since the National Hockey League’s inaugural season.

LINK: Stanley Cup Playoff and Finals Complete Logo History

Yes, here you get them all, from 1918’s Toronto Hockey Club in their royal blue and white up against the maroon hosiery of the PCHA’s Vancouver Millionaires right up through 2022’s Tampa Bay Lightning in their royal blue and white up against the maroon hosiery of the Colorado Avalanche, and all those wonderful varieties of everything in between.


Alright, to answer the usual questions/comments…

  1. I typically went with the Eastern/Wales Conference team on the left and the opposite on the right. I can’t recall how I determined the order in the Original Six era as I made that half of the graphic about five years ago. Maybe I intended to go geographically east to west and forgot Boston was east of Montreal? We’ll never know for certain, but I really don’t think it matters too much.
  2. Sock designs shown are based on each team’s primary dark uniform worn during that year’s Stanley Cup Final. Sometimes this means an alternate uniform sock (see: 1999 Dallas Stars), but also sometimes we’re introduced to a team who didn’t have a dark uniform at the time (see a few back in the 1920s). I am also aware that many of these sock designs were never worn against each other on the same ice due to home vs. road uniforms, ultimately I wanted to make it a colourful graphic, so the more colourful uniform (i.e. not the white one) was chosen whenever possible.
  3. I omitted the team names because that would eliminate most of the fun, if you need a helping hand, please consult my Complete history of NHL Stanley Cup Finals (1918-2020) video on Youtube. Grab a snack and settle in.