2022 MLB All-Star Game Cap Design Gives All 30 Teams the Gold

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d flip on the All-Star Game just waiting for those brief but wonderful moments of a glimpse of your favourite player wearing your favourite team’s uniform for all the world to see?

Welp, welcome to 2022, kid; your favourite player is going to wear a black-and-gold trucker cap. Here we go, time to TikToc or something *rattles cane*

Despite all my “old man yelling at cloud-ing,” it’s been some time since players wore their usual caps in a Major League All-Star Game. The special game-specific caps first appeared at the 2014 Mid-Summer Classic in Minnesota and have been around ever since. Here’s what we’re getting for the 2022 Game in Los Angeles:

What’s new this year is the introduction of a mesh backing (or “trucker cap” style) — we saw this earlier this year with the Spring Training caps that led to some interesting issues with at least one player.

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Crowns are all black with metallic-gold threading for each team logo; a single star is placed seemingly at random (see an update on the stars below the next graphic) somewhere around the logo — if there’s a reason for each star placement, I’ve yet to crack that code, though the Oakland A’s are winning this assignment. On the right side of the cap is a 2022 All-Star Game logo patch in gold and black, the left has the New Era logo in gold and the back has the black and gold MLB silhouette logo. A golden palm leaf design is under the visor.

Here’s the entire league’s 2022 MLB All-Star Game cap design:

UPDATE Jun 28/22: A Major League Baseball source told me the star placement for each team was chosen based on the shape and position of each of their logos, and was done in a way so that the star felt like it was part of each logo and not off floating around on its own.

For the All-Star Workout events before the main event (such as Home Run Derby and All-Star Practice), players will wear caps (still trucker) designed to appear more like their usual regular season cap designs:

The All-Star logo is again on the right side, and a silver and grey palm leaf design is now under the visor rather than the gold and black we see in the All-Star Game. Just like the caps for the actual game itself, the stars are placed differently for each team (though each team keeps the exact placement as they do for each event).

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Here are the rest of the designs:

The big unknown with all of this is what the All-Star Game jerseys will look like (yes, players now wear AL and NL jerseys in the All-Star Game). Based on the caps, black and gold with a bit of a Hollywood/Academy Awards theme throughout? Just spitballing here.

Here’s a look back at some past Major League All-Star Game cap designs:

The 2022 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 19, 2022.

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