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Colorado Avalanche: 2022 Stanley Cup Champions Logos and Merchandise

Last night, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning ending the Lightning’s quest for a third straight Stanley Cup while simultaneously winning their franchise’s own third Stanley Cup overall (and second time clinching in the State of Florida).

This season was the first with a new Stanley Cup Playoff logo system, a new design by the talented minds over at Fanbrandz, which incorporated a hyper-detailed version of the Stanley Cup into a championship-banner-shaped shield with a typeface inspired by the origins of both the National Hockey League and the Cup itself (check out this post for the full story on the details behind the logo).

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With the new logo system came a new Stanley Cup Champions logo template, the Avs clincher last night gave the world their first glimpse of the latest style, one which will likely be used for the next decade’s worth of Champions (in other words, if you feel your team’s going to win a cup in the next ten years, this will be the logo they use when they do, change the year and swap in your team’s logo — sorry for the spoiler alert)

Let’s take a look at the Colorado Avalanche 2022 Stanley Cup Champions logo:

As you can see, it’s the usual Stanley Cup Playoffs logo from this season with the word “Champions” substituted and the NHL shield replaced with the Colorado Avalanche logo. One slight disappointment on my part is that the colour of the shield behind the Cup remained black for this logo rather than being recoloured to match the winning team’s branding; the new logo allowed for this on each team’s playoff design — but not the championship logo. And yes, this was the same for every team’s potential 2022 championship logo, regardless of how much (or no) black was contained in their usual colour scheme.

Here’s that same logo above when applied on a dark or coloured background (here’s where we can get mix some Avalanche colours into things):


The only real change here, aside from background, is the colour used for “CHAMPIONS” and the trademark symbol, switched to white from black to show up better on the darker background.

The version of this logo on white, per usual, is the same as the on-transparent version shown up higher in this post:

A series of secondary marks also accompany this championship, and oddly enough, at least one of them changes the shield’s background colour from black to Avs burgundy (though it eliminates the Cup from the design). At the same time, the other brings back the Cup and the black.

And the same on a coloured background:

I dig the simplicity of that first secondary logo, the no-nonsense, the team, the banner, they’re the champs… but it does need a Cup in there somewhere.

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The last of the 2022 Stanley Cup Championship logos is the Wordmark design which is (essentially) a horizontal, stretched-out version of what we’ve just seen, suitable for tight, wide spaces or, say, a ribbon board within an arena.

The on-ice gear worn by the Avs following their victory over the Bolts, this year provided by Fanatics, was a bit more minimalist than in previous years. It wasn’t much more than the Cup Champions logos slapped onto a dark grey t-shirt and a light grey trucker cap (stop trying to make trucker caps a trend).

Not gonna lie; it’s not my favourite locker room gear design. When I first saw the photos, I had to double-check to ensure I was looking at the official on-ice locker room celebration designs and not retail-only styles that had been mislabelled.

Of course, there is a bevy of other Avalanche 2022 Cup Champs merchandise options; whether you want the locker room stuff or want, those (and more!) are available now via our affiliate link here.

Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche on winning the 2022 Stanley Cup!