Flag-Inspired, Stars-and-Stripes Caps Worn Across Baseball Today for Fourth of July

All thirty Major League Baseball teams will wear special stars-and-stripes-themed New Era ballcaps in their games today in celebration of the Independence Day holiday in the United States.

(Before we begin, since I keep getting asked about this, the Cubs are *not* wearing a “U” cap as shown in the featured photo, I just needed a “U” to spell out “USA” up there so I turned it 90 degrees — you’ll see their actual cap later in this post)

This year’s design brings us back to the era of the wide paint brush cap of the mid-1990s with a star-spangled pattern splashed across the back of two white front panels, the team’s usual cap logo recoloured in red, white, and navy blue on the crown. The back half of the cap is either navy blue or red (team’s choice) with matching visors and buttons.

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Take a look:

And now the entire league, you can see there’s a slight advantage to the navy blues with 16 opting to go that route, and 14 choosing red:

The Toronto Blue Jays, as we discussed last week, are wearing a slightly altered cap design versus the rest of the league for their game tonight in Oakland. The Jays cap features no stars, the stripes are blue-and-white rather than red/white/blue. The team said it gave them an opportunity to participate in the league-wide program, and pay respects to their American-born players, while also still recognizing the club’s unique status as the only Canadian team in the league.

SHOP: 2022 Major League Baseball 4th of July caps available now

Before we go, a look back at the Fourth of July cap from 2021: