Clubs from Italy, Germany, Spain and England Unveil New Kits for 2022-23 Season

It’s been another busy few days for kit unveilings across Europe’s top domestic football leagues. Some clubs have stuck closely with their traditions, while other have seemingly chucked tradition right out the window.

Kit unveilings we’re recapping today come from across Europe’s top leagues, including Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga and England’s Premier League.

SS LAZIO – Home and Away

Italian Serie A side SS Lazio are leaning heavily on a retro identity for their 2022-23 home and away kits, their first with new supplier Mizuno. The home kit is the club’s signature shade of light blue, with an embossed pattern of eagles across the front that’s taken from a club crest used in the 1970s. The crew neck collar and sleeve cuffs are white with light blue stripes through the center.

The 1970s crest again features prominently on Lazio’s 2022-23 away kit, appearing on the left chest of the mostly black kit. Horizontal stripes on the chest bend around the Mizuno logo and under the crest, and they fade from light blue to yellow to white, back to light blue and then to black. The back halves of the sleeve cuffs are light blue, while the front halves are black.

BOLOGNA FC – Home and Away

Staying in Serie A, Bologna FC are putting their stamp on their home and away kits for 2022-23, made by Macron. The club’s traditional red and blue vertical stripes at home are augmented with an embossed pattern of “BFC” monograms from the club crest connected by diagonal lines. The V-neck collar and sleeve cuffs both contain red and blue striping. The borders between the stripes on the fron of the shirt are blurred with the addition of thinner tonal stripes.

Courtesy @BolognaFC1909en / Twitter

Bologna’s away kit retains the embossed pattern, V-neck collar and sleeve cuffs from the home kit, but places them on a solid white base.

Courtesy @BolognaFC1909en / Twitter

VfL BOCHUM – Home and Away

German Bundesliga side VfL Bochum takes inspiration from its home stadium for its 2022-23 home and away kits, also made by Mizuno. The home kit is dark blue, with a tonal pattern depicting the floodlight masts and crescent-shaped concrete stands of the Vonovia Ruhrstadion. There is white piping along the crew neck collar and the sleeve cuffs.

Courtesy VfL Bochum

Bochum’s away kit is light blue, with embossed horizontal lines forming hoops across the front of the jersey. The V-neck collar and sleeve cuffs are dark blue, with white stripes running the center.

Courtesy VfL Bochum


Over in Germany, Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen have unveiled their 2022-23 home kit, their first with new supplier Castore. The shirt is predominantly red, with tonal soundwave patterns forming hoops across the front. The sleeves are solid red, and both the V-neck collar and the sleeve cuffs are black with white stripes through the middle.

REAL SOCIEDAD – Home and Away

Spanish La Liga side Real Sociedad are getting artsy with their 2022-23 home kit, made by Macron. The club’s traditional blue and white vertical stripes have rough brush stroke edges, and the blue stripes contain a tonal paintbrush pattern. Underneath the club crest is a larger, embossed version of the crest. The standup collar is white with blue trim, while the sleeve cuffs are blue with two thin white stripes.

Courtesy @RealSociedadEN / Twitter

Real Sociedad’s away kit is predominantly black, with groups of seven grey lines that taper off on alternating sides as they move across the shirt. The Macron logo and club crest both appear in one-colour blue applications, making then hard to see against the black. The standup collar is blake with white and blue trim, while the sleeve cuffs are black with thin white and blue stripes.

Courtesy @RealSociedadEN / Twitter


Meanwhile, at the other end of Spain, La Liga side Real Betis are changing up their stripes, too. Their 2022-23 home kit is their first with new supplier Hummel. It retains their traditional green and white vertical stripes, but the green stripes contain a tonal pattern of triangles, evoking the shape of the club crest. The sleeves are solid green, as are blocks on the shoulder where Hummel chevrons appear. The crew neck collar is black with white trim.

Courtesy @hummel1923 / Twitter


After a season in the Segunda División, Real Valladolid are back in La Liga with a new crest and new home kits made by Adidas. For 2022-23, Valladolid will sport their traditional purple and white vertical stripes at home, with gold accents including the V-neck collar — which also has some white piping — and Adidas shoulder stripes. The Adidas logo on the chest is also gold, and the new club crest appears on the left chest.

The new crest removes the swords and laurels from the old version, and simplifies the shield and crown for better reproduction in digital and small-scale applications.

Graphics courtesy Wikipedia

GIRONA FC – Home, Away and Third

Girona FC will take the pitch in style for their first season back in La Liga since 2018-19. Their home kit, made by Puma, takes their usual red and white vertical stripes and literally twists it around — the shirt is divided into quarters, with horizontal stripes in the upper right and lower left sections. The crew neck collar and sleeve cuffs are black.

The away kit is mostly yellow, with red vertical stripes that stop just below the club crest. The sleeve cuffs and inserts at the front and back of the V-neck collar are red. The third kit features a tonal blue camouflage pattern all over, anchored by a white crew neck collar and cuffs.

Courtesy @GironaFC / Twitter


Back in the Premier League for 2022-23, AFC Bournemouth have come out with a “striking” new home kit, made by Umbro. The club has taken their usual red and black vertical stripes and transformed them into black lightning bolts on a red base. Each solid black bolt has another bolt behind it made up of thin black lines. The sleeves and V-neck collar are solid red, while the sleeve cuffs are solid black.