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Houston Texans Introduce New “Battle Red” Alternate Helmet

Today the Houston Texans unveiled a new alternate “Battle Red” helmet, to be worn for one game during the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

Featuring a glossy red shell with a blue facemask and the Texans’ primary logo on either side, this will be the first time the Houston Texans have ever worn a helmet colour other than their usual Deep Steel Blue since the inception of the franchise twenty years ago back in 2002.

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Houston is pairing the new “Battle Red” helmet with their already-existing red alternate jerseys and white pants. For the 2022 season, the Texans plan on wearing the new lid during their game on November 3rd, at home against the Philadelphia Eagles. It will also be worn during a training camp practice on July 30th.

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“We’re thrilled to debut our new Battle Red Helmet as we continue to evolve as an organization,” Texans President Greg Grissom said in the press release. “We’ve consistently shown we’re not afraid to try new things, so we jumped at the chance to design an alternate helmet that will complement our uniforms, especially the Battle Red jersey. The start of Training Camp is on the horizon, and we’re excited that our fans will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new helmet in person soon.”

Last season, the NFL announced teams would be permitted to wear a second helmet shell beginning with the 2022 season. Previously teams would get around the limitation of only one helmet by using the same shell but peeling off and adding new decals to create a new design. This worked for some clubs but still limited teams to only use designs that had the same shell colour as their everyday look, preventing some teams from throwing back to popular uniforms such as the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ respective white-helmet looks of decades past.

So far, several teams have announced alternate helmet colours for the 2022 NFL season. In addition to today’s Texans news, the Falcons (throwback), Patriots (throwback), Saints (black), Eagles (black), and Commanders (black) have all revealed new alternate helmet designs.

The team added that any fans looking to purchase the new red Houston Texans alternate helmet will have to wait until the fall.