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Cleveland Cavaliers Unveil New, Simple Uniform Set for 2022-23 Season and Beyond

This morning the Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled their new uniforms, and despite their design, I’m surprised to say they aren’t reserved for the ongoing 2022 NBA Summer League season.

No, these stripe-free, simple wordmark across the chest, “just the facts, ma’am” style uniforms will be worn full-time by the Cavaliers during the next five regular seasons (and perhaps even the playoffs?) starting with the upcoming 2022-23 NBA campaign. The new uniforms follow the release of the Cavs’ updated logo set last month.

The new set, featuring a white “Association,” wine “Icon,” and black “Statement” uniform, was designed by Cavs’ Creative Director Daniel Arsham.

“The updated brand identity and logo collection was created to reflect today’s Cavs, a young and talented team defining a new era for the franchise,” read the Cavs announcement of the new uniforms. “The new look brings back the reflective, shiny, proper Cavaliers Gold that originated in the early ’80s and re-emerged in the details of the 2003-10 uniforms.”

Designer Arsham added, “it’s a very clean, reductive, modern design that pays homage to all of the players and fans that have been a part of our team’s remarkable journey in becoming who we are today.”

“CAVS” with a gold inline across the front of the new white Association set
Wine “Icon” uniforms go with gold on gold for player numbers

All three jerseys feature a new advertiser’s logo patch, Cleveland-Cliffs, “the largest flat-rolled steel producer in North America,” say the Cavs.

Let’s start with the white “Association” uniform.

The Cavaliers’ new “Association” uniform is white with the club’s new era-hybrid “CAVS” basketball/hoop logo across the chest in wine with a gold inline; the player’s number is below in this same style.

Shorts are white with a large wine “C” logo on the left side; the waistband features a practically invisible white-on-white “V” basketball logo. No stripes down the sides of the uniform and no decoration around the collar or sleeves.

The new “Icon” uniform is wine-coloured with “CLEVELAND” across the front in gold with a, only visible when embroidered gold inline. Like the white set, this style is duplicated in the numbers, wine-on-wine.

Shorts are wine with the “C” logo on the left, like the Association uniform; the waistband goes the invisible route again with the “CAVS” wordmark in wine on wine. Again, no decoration anywhere else on the jersey beyond the bare minimum of a city name and player number.

Finally, the black Jordan-branded “Statement” uniform (which is essentially the NBA’s version of an “Alternate” uniform), the club’s “C” logo is front and centre with the player number off to the lower left side in gold with a gold inline. No striping anywhere.

Shorts are black with the “CAVS” wordmark logo on the left side in gold; the waistband is the “V” logo in black on black. This uniform was “inspired by the iconic uniforms worn during the Cavs’ first NBA Championship in 2016.” Thankfully, they did away with the sleeves this time.

Detail of the large “C” logo on the front of the black Statement uniforms
Logos on the waistband of the shorts are practically invisible on all three uniforms

Per NBA uniform rules, the new white and wine designs from this set must be worn for the next five seasons which puts us through to the end of the 2026-27 season. The black “Statement” uniform is locked in for three until the conclusion of 2024-25.

Back in June, the Cleveland Cavaliers unveiled a new logo set and colour scheme re-embracing gold and eliminating navy blue altogether:

The highlight of the new set was the “CAVS” wordmark which combined the team’s logos of the 1980s and late 1990s to create a new design for the 2020s. More details on the Cavs new logo set here.

LINK: Cleveland Cavaliers logo and uniform history

The new jerseys are not yet available for purchase yet, but if you’re looking for last season’s design at a bargain, the old stock has been marked down considerably and is available right here.

The Cavs now join the Utah Jazz as NBA teams to introduce an all-new uniform set for the 2022-23 season, and, well, so far it’s a study in simplicity. Check it out:

We do live in exciting times.