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Brazil Unveils Home and Away Kits for 2022 World Cup

Brazil’s national men’s football team is looking to harness the power and ferocity of the wild cats roaming the country’s jungles with their home and away kits for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to held in Qatar later this year.

The Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) and Nike unveiled the kits on Monday, August 8. “Claw. It’s the will to move on,” reads a tweet from the CBF (translated to English by Twitter). “It’s blood in the eye. It’s pressure. On and off the field. It’s collective. It represents more than 210 million Brazilians. It’s our Claw.

“Wear the claw. Our claw moves forward.”

The base of the home kit is Brazil’s traditional yellow, which they have worn since 1953. A pattern of jaguar spots is embossed on the fabric. Jaguars are the only big cat that lives in Brazil, and they are the largest terrestrial predator in the country. According to the World Wildlife Fund, Brazil and its rainforests are home to about half of the world’s 173,000 jaguars today.

Courtesy Nike Brazil

The collar is green with blue trim around the neck, and has a yellow placket with one button. The sleeve cuffs are also green with blue trim. Photos released on Monday showed the yellow shirt paired with blue shorts and white socks.

Courtesy Nike Brazil

UPDATE (11:24 p.m. MT): Footy Headlines points out an amazing detail on the collar of the authentic player version of the home kit that doesn’t appear on the replica versions seen above. The fabric behind the placket is green, and the blue button is sewn onto a yellow diamond. All together, this forms a miniature Brazilian flag hidden in the collar.

The jaguar print carries over to Brazil’s away kit, but only on the sleeves. The kit is mainly blue, and the sleeves fade from blue to green to reveal blue jaguar spots. The collar remains blue, while the sleeve cuffs are green with yellow trim.

Courtesy Nike Brazil

Photos released Monday didn’t show the shorts and socks that would go with the away kit. But they did show a green diamond with a blue circle — representing the flag of Brazil — printed on the back collar.

Courtesy Nike Brazil

Brazil were drawn into Group G for the World Cup, along with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. Their firs group stage match will be on November 24 against Serbia.