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2022-23 European Football Kit Preview: Serie A (Italy)

The top flight of Italian domestic soccer, Serie A, gets rolling on Saturday, August 13, with a total of four matches. One of those sees defending champions AC Milan host Udinese Calcio at the San Siro. Meanwhile, their city rivals Inter Milan pay a visit to newly promoted US Cremonese that same day.

NOTE: This preview includes all kit information available as of August 12, 2022. 

AC Milan’s home kit features the club’s traditional red and black vertical stripes, though this time it seems the red stripes on the front are confined to a box on the black base. The club brought back a white away kit this year as it’s “synonymous with some of the Club’s biggest titles and finals.”

Atalanta retain their traditional blue and black vertical stripes on their home kit for 2022-23. The away kit is white with narrow embossed stripes. On the left chest is a golden silhouette of the club’s namesake Atalanta, a female athlete from Greek mythology, that was part of their crest from 1963 to 1984 and was also on their 2021-22 away kit

Both Bologna’s home and away kits, made by Macron, have an embossed pattern of “BFC” monograms connected by diagonal lines. The third kit is carried over the 2021-22 season, just with new sponsor Cazoo on the front.

US Cremonese return to Serie A this season for the first time since 1995-96, and their home kit for 2022-23 harkens back to the 1990s. The club wore similar kits in one of their most famous victories, defeating Derby County in the final of the 1992-93 Anglo-Italian Cup at Wembley Stadium

Empoli FC have gone back to basics for 2022-23, with very few embellishments on their blue home kits and white away kits. The third jersey pushes the boat out, with a grey smoke pattern on a black base and a recoloured club crest mid-chest.

ACF Fiorentina unveiled a new crest earlier this year, and their 2022-23 kits are the first to feature it. The home shirt features tonal diamonds radiating out from the crest on the left chest.

The front of Hellas Verona’s blue home kit features a tonal cross with silhouettes of the club crest running through it. This is a nod to the flag of the city of Verona, a yellow cross on a blue background. 

Inter Milan is the only Serie A club outfitted by Nike, and thus the only Serie A club to use Nike’s new Vaporknit template. After moving to a snakeskin look in 2021-22, Inter have gone back to their classic black and blue stripes, this time “inspired by the design of the ’60s.” The aqua world map on the white away kit represents an “inclusive spirit and openness to the planet that we live on.”

The black stripes on Juventus’s home kit are made of triangles, and the design is inspired by the architecture of their home ground in Turin, Allianz Stadium. The away kit aims to capture “the magic of night matches” with a carbon-colored starburst graphic woven into the fabric, “shimmering in contrast to the black base colour.”

This is SS Lazio’s first season with kit manufacturer Mizuno. The home kit features a pattern of eagles from a retro crest used in the 1970s; that same crest sits on the left chest of the away kit. The white third kit has an embossed mosaic pattern of interlocking hexagons, meant to evoke ancient Roman armor.

Newly promoted US Lecce are producing their own kits for 2022-23 through their in-house label M908. The yellow and red stripes on the home kit feature a brush stroke effect. At the bottom of the front of the third shirt is a tonal graphic of historical buildings from the city of Lecce.

AC Monza will mark their 110th anniversary by playing their first-ever season in Serie A in 2022-23. Their kits, made by Lotto, both feature a single vertical stripe running down the left side underneath the crest.

Both SSC Napoli’s home and away kits for 2022-23 feature sleeves that fade from darker colours to lighter as you move from the shoulder to the cuff. The black third features tonal diagonal strokes, which is similar to the pattern found on their goalkeeper kits.

AS Roma’s 2022-23 home kit retains the club’s classic dark red and yellow colour scheme, but adds a twist with a tonal half-and-half pattern. Across the front of the jersey is another pattern of lines and dots connecting circular “ASR” crests that the club wore in the 1930s and 1950s.

US Salernitana 1919 played a couple of preseason friendlies in different kits than those seen above, which they unveiled in late July. The home and away kits both features stripes across the chest, but in different colours.

If it ain’t broke, UC Sampdoria aren’t fixing it. Their home kit remains virtually untouched from previous years, with a blue base and white, red and black stripes around the chest. All three kits feature a shield with a St. George’s cross inside. 

US Sassuolo aim to bring style to the pitch with their 2022-23 kits. The home kit puts a modern twist on their traditional look of green and black vertical stripes. Green stripes form quarters on the white base of the away kit.

AC Spezia have gone back to basics with their 2022-23 home kits, with a white base for the home and a black base for the away. The collars, sleeve cuffs and hems all feature contrasting pieces of fabric that overlap.

Torino FC’s home and away kits stick to tradition with the club’s signature burgundy and white colour scheme. Both also feature a tonal bull near the bottom. The third kit adds a modern twist with the addition of neon green and an embossed pattern of rectangles.

Udinese Calcio debuted their orange third kit in a preseason friendly, though at the time they didn’t say whether it was an away or a third kit. A few weeks later, they launched their yellow away kit, which features an embossed hexagonal pattern.