Cleveland Browns Seek Fan Input For New Field Design

The Cleveland Browns recently announced they are soliciting input for their new field design at FirstEnergy Stadium.

“Browns fans always bring the energy needed to create an incredible home-field advantage at FirstEnergy Stadium,” executive vice president and co-owner J.W. Johnson said. “With all they do for us, we want to show our appreciation by giving them the ability to select one of four fantastic field designs for all home games this season. 

“Everything we do throughout the year will be Browns fan-focused, and this is simply one of many opportunities we have to get their direct feedback to accomplish that important goal.”

Fans have been given the choice of four different designs, two of which prominently display Brownie the Elf at midfield and two that feature a helmet. All four have the Browns’ wordmark in the end zones, the AFC logo and either the helmet or mascot – depending on which is used on the 50-yard line.

The helmet used at midfield in Option 1 was only officially used on the patch in 1999 to commemorate Cleveland’s return to the league, though it featured a white facemask instead of the current brown. The elf in the end zone, meanwhile, is a modernized version of the alternate mark used from 1960-69.

That elf, which also made brief appearances as part of the Browns’ training camp logos in 2006, 2018 and 2022, is at midfield in Option 2, while the aforementioned helmet is moved to the end zones alongside a white wordmark.

Option 3 also puts Brownie the Elf at the 50-yard line, though this time, it’s the version that stood as Cleveland’s primary logo from 1959-69. The helmet in the end zone is the Browns’ current primary mark and is more three-dimensional than the one in Options 1 and 2.

Lastly, Option 4 places the current helmet logo at midfield but (oddly) uses the alternate Brownie the Elf from Options 1 and 2 in the end zone rather than the primary version in Option 3. The wordmark is orange in the last two options, as well.

Cleveland has not had a midfield logo since 2016, but notably placed their helmet stripe along the 50-yard line for the past two seasons. Before that, it was entirely blank.

Fans can cast their votes for the new field design at this link or through the Cleveland Browns app until Aug. 27. It’s unclear when the winner will be revealed, though it will make its debut during the home opener against the New York Jets on Sept. 18.

Photos courtesy of @Browns on Twitter.