Here are the 2022 MLB Postseason + World Series Logos

Major League Baseball is the last of the North American “Big Four” leagues to introduce an entirely new logo package yearly for its playoffs and championships.

This season is thankfully no different. For 2022, MLB has picked a theme involving gold and silver pennants, a navy blue Hypatia typeface for the event name, SUI Generis for the year, and horizontal lines separating everything. As is the design style surrounding most league events (throughout sports, not just baseball), the logo is open and not contained within a shield or any other shape.

Let’s look at the logos for each round; they all follow the same style, so there won’t be much to say for each.


2022 MLB Postseason Logo Major League Baseball Playoffs
2022 MLB Postseason Logo

The primary 2022 MLB Postseason logo shows the MLB logo up top, three horizontal gold lines with a subtle gradient within, POSTSEASON across in navy blue with a silver outline, the year in gold below with two pennants — one gold, one silver, in between.

LINK: History of MLB’s Postseason logo (2012-2022)

The pennants represent the traditional name for winning a league championship in baseball; before the league had a championship trophy, teams celebrated their wins simply by flying a pennant the following season —the colour of these pennants changes throughout the 2022 MLB Postseason logo series.


2022 World Series Logo on transparent background - Major League Baseball MLB Fall Classic
2022 World Series Logo

The 2022 World Series logo. “WORLD SERIES” is stacked in navy blue, trimmed in silver and broken up by two flying pennants — again, one gold, one silver, and the year in gold on either side. Up top, we have the MLB logo, four horizontal gold lines spread throughout. Yes, there’s a sponsor logo (CapitalOne) incorporated this year.

LINK: The history of the World Series logo from 1974-2022


2022 ALCS Logo American League Championship Series MLB Major League Baseball postseason
2022 ALCS Logo

The 2022 American League Championship Series logo, sponsored by LoanDepot, again starts with the MLB logo up top, four gold lines throughout, “ALCS” in large navy blue lettering in the middle with two pennants (both are gold this time!) and the year below.

LINK: American League Championship Series logo history, 1976-2022


2022 NLCS Logo National League Championship Series MLB Baseball Playoffs
2022 NLCS Logo

The 2022 NLCS logo is the same as what’s being used on the American League side; just swap out the “A” for an “N” in the event name portion of the logo. Again, the flags are gold here, which means the colours apparently represent the particular round being played rather than the league.

LINK: National League Championship Series logo history, 1975-2022


2022 ALDS Logo American League Division Series MLB Baseball Playoffs
2022 ALDS Logo

The 2022 American League Division Series logos take a hard turn towards silver; all of the gold seen in the previous logos in this post is now silver — the horizontal lines, the year, and both pennants. The event name (“ALDS” in this case) remains navy blue with a silver outline.

LINK: American League Division Series logo history, 1994-2022


2022 NLDS Logo National League Division Series MLB Baseball Playoffs
2022 NLDS Logo

Again, same as the American League logo, the 2022 National League Division Series logo swaps out the “A” for the “N” and keeps all that silver throughout it. Note, neither the ALDS nor NLDS logos (at least at the time I wrote this post) had any sponsors or advertiser logos.

LINK: National League Division Series logo history, 1981-2022


2022 American League Wild Card Logo

The 2022 American League Wild Card logo brings back the gold and removes the silver — this kicks out the idea that the closer you get to the title, the more gold you get in the logo… but no more pennants. The Wild Card logos include the sponsor logo for Hankook.

LINK: American League Wild Card Game logo history, 2014-2022


2022 National League Wild Card logo, again, same as American League, change the league name where appropriate.

LINK: National League Wild Card Game logo history, 2014-2022

2022 Major League Baseball Postseason logos World Series ALCS NLCS ALDS NLDS Wild Card MLB Playoff logos 2022
2022 MLB Postseason Logos

Baseball’s 2022 Postseason gets underway with the Wild Card round on Friday, October 7. The newly expanded playoff field has resulted in a few changes, the Wild Card round is now the best two-out-of-three instead of the previous winner-takes-all format, and there are also now four teams participating in the Wild Card round rather than just the two we had seen from 2012-19, and again in 2021. Game one of the 2022 World Series will be played on Friday, October 28, at the stadium of the league champion with the better regular season record; a potential game seven will be played on Saturday, November 5.