First Look at New 2022-23 NHL Reverse Retro Jersey Designs

Hello there, did we get our first official glimpse of the all-new 2022-23 NHL Reverse Retro designs today?

As I’m known to do, I was browsing around the new merchandise section on Fanatics this afternoon when I stumbled upon this line of new NHL merch labelled “Special Edition.”

Some interesting options in there, aren’t there? In all, there were seven designs in this collection — not pictured above is the Philadelphia Flyers, but their shirt features their usual logo; you can probably use your imagination.

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We have the early 2000s Edmonton Oilers Todd McFarlane-designed flying oil drop but recoloured to include orange. There’s a light blue and dark grey version of the 1990s Winnipeg Jets v1.0 logo. The Calgary Flames shirt features the jersey logo of their ’90s embrace of black. Hard to tell, but the Dallas logo is their original shoulder patch logo, recoloured to replace the original gold with their modern silver.

Take a closer look above, or you can just browse around (and yes, even buy these shirts) right here, right now.

I’m not 100% positive this is part of the new NHL Reverse Retro line for 2022-23, but Fanatics is currently using that same “Special Edition” tag for all of their leftover Reverse Retro stock from the 2020-21 season. So… that’s gotta mean something, right?

There’s a good chance this is an actual sneak peek at what’s to come, folks. Let’s stay tuned!

LINK: NHL, Adidas unveil 2020-21 Reverse Retro Jersey Program

UPDATE Aug 24/22 @ 10am ET:

In the hours after this post was first published the amount of teams listed grew considerably, jumping from seven up to twenty-seven before they were all removed. Fortunately, a couple of Twitter users grabbed screencaps of all the listings before that happened (thank you @BrianSpeaksNow and @nrashtonspt!)

I went through the screencaps and assembled all the t-shirt designs that were listed before their removal, I missed Philadelphia, apologies Flyers fans, the design was the Flyers primary logo (some say with a silver outline?) on a black shirt:

Low quality due to small resolution on the screengrabs.

Some interesting designs in there! The San Jose Sharks tribute to the California Golden Seals is going to steal the show, the Penguins returning to the RoboPenguin of the late 1990s, the Habs in powder blue, the Islanders in a re-coloured Fisherman logo, Johnny Canuck, Winnie the Pooh… the Colorado Rockies!

I’m extremely looking forward to this series. It’s going to be fantastic.