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NHL: Possible New Sharks, Golden Knights Uniforms Leaked

Two significant, possible National Hockey League uniform leaks were posted to Twitter late tonight courtesy of user @AliMurji1.

The two leaks featured new uniforms for the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights — the Sharks showed off an entirely new set for 2023-24, while the Golden Knights leak is purported to be the club’s 2022-23 Reverse Retro uniform design.

Starting with the Sharks…

The possible new home and road Sharks uniform combo places a heavy emphasis on teal while considerably reducing the amount of black overall. Black helmets are gone on the home uniform, as are the black pants for both — replaced with teal helmets at home and teal pants for home and away.

We also see new striping on both sets, waist striping returning, no orange whatsoever, and… possibly a new shoulder patch. Very hard to see in this particular graphic.

Not a bad look; it feels like the original Sharks uniform (though that set did indeed have black helmets and pants); I dig teal pants with the white set, feels like that should’ve been done a long time ago.

Then there’s the Vegas Golden Knights, whom @AliMurji1 claims will wear an all-black uniform for their Reverse Retro entry in this upcoming 2022-23 season.

The leak shows a black jersey with a gold collar, red and gold stripes on each sleeve and around the waist and socks. The Golden Knights primary logo on the shoulders and “VEGAS” laid out diagonally in white, trimmed in black and gold, down the front of the jersey — New York Rangers style.

I couldn’t immediately place where this design would fit in with the overall theme of the Adidas – NHL Reverse Retro program in terms of what old style it was bringing into the modern times. Overall, a pretty great design if legit, the Golden Knights rarely miss with their uniforms, and this would be no exception.