Detroit Pistons Unveil New “DET” Statement Edition Uniform for 2023

The Detroit Pistons have *just* unveiled a new “Statement Edition” (alternate) uniform for the 2022-23 NBA season.

The uniform will be worn for at least two seasons (yes, typically a “Statement” uniform is for three, but other news outlets are saying two for this one? *shrugs*). It is black with two horizontal stripes, one royal blue, one red, with “DET” across the chest in black block lettering trimmed in white.

The shorts are black with the striping pattern from the chest continuing down each leg with the club’s primary logo at the bottom in black and white with the team name replaced with “DET”

The uniforms were the result of a voicemail left at the Detroit Pistons head offices back in the fall of 2020 by frustrated fan Cochise Hardy.

“Man, we are so tired. I mean, it’s time to ramp it up,” the voicemail said via an audio recording of it shared by the Pistons. “We rebuilding; we need some new jerseys. We need some more vivid colours, man. We here for Detroit, give us some dog ass black and blue, I don’t know just give us somethin’.”

Hardy, according to The Athletic, was scrolling through his social feed seeing new uniform releases for every NBA team *except* for his hometown Pistons.

“I’m like, ‘Those are fire. Those are fire. Those are fire.’,” Hardy told The Athletic. “I’m waiting for Detroit and they didn’t drop anything. I decided I was going to call them. I don’t remember if it was that night or that day, but I called and spilled my heart. It was time for an upgrade. This isn’t what’s up.”

“Pistons unveil Statement uniforms inspired by a Detroit man’s rant”, The Athletic (9/7/2022)

The Pistons will also have a matching court design, yet-to-be-revealed to go along with these uniforms for when they’re worn during home games.

These new black “DET” uniforms will replace the Pistons’ previous Statement Edition uniforms, which were silver with “DETROIT” arched across the front. The Pistons had been wearing that uniform as their Statement/Alternate option since the 2015-16 season with a few tweaks along the way (red was added in 2017).

Logo on side of the shorts, a black & white primary logo with “DET” instead of full team name

As is the case with most new NBA jersey releases, the product isn’t available when the announcement of the jersey is made. Stay tuned this fall if you’re looking to grab one.