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Another Leak of New San Jose Sharks Jerseys

Well, someone seriously dropped the ball when it came to keeping these new San Jose Sharks jerseys under wraps.

Following a previous leak this past week, Teal Town USA co-host (and longtime friend of the site) Erik Kuhre (@puckguy14) was able to find and purchase a set of new home and road 2022-23 Sharks jerseys… yes, before they were even unveiled.

Kuhre showed off his new finds on a live-streamed episode of the Teal Town USA show, which you can watch in its entirety here:

In it, Kuhre shows close-up shots of the striping, shoulder patch, and crest of both the teal home and white road sweaters. I’ve taken screencaps of some of those moments to share with you below:

As you can see, the shark fin logo on the shoulders has been updated considerably since we last saw it back in 2007, when it was worn on the shoulder of their black third jerseys:

The previous leak from earlier this month showed the team’s plans to pair the new design with teal helmets and pants, which would be a first for the Sharks, who have always worn black helmets (with dark jerseys) and black pants.

The extra teal just lookin’ fantastic with the white jerseys, it’ll take a little time to get used to it with the home set, but I think it’ll ultimately prove to be a popular switch.

At the time of the first leak (when the previous graphic was originally created), the stories surrounding it suggested the new uniform wouldn’t be adopted until the 2023-24 season. That has since been adjusted and bumped all the way up to tonight! The Sharks are expected to officially unveil this new set tonight, Wednesday, September 14, at 7 p.m. Pacific Time (10 p.m. Eastern).

Update :

The San Jose Sharks have officially unveiled their uniforms.