Edmonton Oilers New Reverse Retro Jersey Possibly Revealed in Leaked Photo

Another NHL jersey leak this morning, and this time we’re getting an early look at what the Edmonton Oilers may be planning on wearing as their Reverse Retro jersey for the rapidly approaching 2022-23 season.

Thanks to a post to the Facebook group Game Worn Hockey Jersey Collectors and then a subsequent Tweet by @WALaxer19, we see that the Oilers look to be returning to their flying gear uniforms of the early 2000s.

Take a look:

The jersey, which features a logo we saw in the Reverse Retro t-shirt leak last month, includes the flying gear logo, the same striping pattern, and shoulder patches as the original set — all of which have been re-coloured slightly to swap out some silvers for orange.

The Oilers originally wore the “Flying Gear” set from 2001 to 2007, designed by comic book artist and writer Todd McFarlane. A reminder of how the original set appeared, as you can see, there was a serious lack of orange with this one:

The NHL’s Reverse Retro uniforms, initially introduced by Adidas for the pandemic-shortened 2020-21 season, are intended to blend past uniform designs with modern colours (or vice-versa). The previous Oilers Reverse Retro uniform featured the team’s original jersey style, re-coloured to put a heavy focus on orange rather than royal blue.