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Denver Nuggets’ Mile High City Uniform “Evolves” for 2022-23

Today, the Denver Nuggets unveiled their new, “evolved” Mile High City Statement Edition uniform ahead of the 2022-23 NBA season.

The royal blue uniform features the team’s “Mile High City” nickname in “Sunshine” yellow encircling a gold number, both of which are trimmed in “Flatiron” red; included within this design are two gold stars (“gold strikes,” the team says). Red and blue trim are included around each arm, the neck, and the shorts’ waistband.

“The Mile High City uniform aligns with the narrative of evolving and changing like our city,” Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, Declan Bolger, said in the Nuggets’ press release. “The city doesn’t stand still, and like it, our team doesn’t either. Denver is a rapidly changing and evolving city. As it’s grown, it’s added a music and art presence as well as strong entrepreneurial developments and a tech spirit.”

The Nuggets have been wearing a “Mile High City” Statement Edition uniform since the 2018-19 season. This version of the uniform is basically the same in structure but has a few changes. The colour of the lettering on the front of the jersey is now yellow with red trim (previously plain white), adds red to the waistband (previously blue), and adds a red mountain silhouette to the side of each leg (previously dark blue).

The jersey will be available for purchase starting October 1 at Altitude Athletics.