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Isles Fisherman, Coyotes, Capitals New Reverse Retro Jerseys Leaked

Leaks. Leaks. Leaks.

Following two leaks earlier today, three more of the soon-to-be-released 2022-2023 NHL Reverse Retro jerseys leaked late this evening. Let’s dive right into it.


First, courtesy of Twitter user @alimurji1, this photo of the Arizona Coyotes Reverse Retro jersey emerged.

It shows the Coyotes will go back to their late ’90s alternate jersey once again (yes, they did this already in 2021). Previously this nighttime desert landscape jersey has been green (1998-2003) and purple (2021); now, according to the leaked photo, it’ll be coming back in… sand? sienna? orange? The player numbers, desert sky, and mountain range are all changing colours too.

Curious to see how this one will look with the full set — helmets, pants, socks, etc. That could really make or break this one.


Next up, from Twitter users @GTAC13Jerseys and @IvanIvanLvan is the New York Islanders who appear to sorta trying to turn back to their infamous fisherman logo days of the mid-1990s.

The wave across the waist isn’t quite there, now more of a Mighty Ducks-esque diagonal stripe, same with the shoulder striping, which looks like an old (and thankfully long retired) favourite of the Reebok days from across the NHL. The logo on the chest has been recoloured to navy blue and orange, and the only hint of teal anywhere to be found on the jersey looks to be in the middle of three small waves on the bottom of the crest. I gotta admit, this one is disappointing. Go big or go home.


Another jersey from the Summer of 1995 is coming back here in the Fall of 2022; this leak from @Icethetics shows the Washington Capitals are bringing back the so-called “screaming eagle” logo (as they did for Reverse Retro 1.0 in 2021), this time appearing in its proper colourway of black and bronze.

A style originally worn from 1995 through 2007, the Capitals never before wore this particular logo on a black jersey. The club did indeed wear a black jersey during this era, but it only ever appeared with their U.S. Capitol Dome logo on the chest; that logo will come back on this jersey, too, on the shoulders as it originally appeared on the road blue version of this set.

This feels like it should’ve been worn with the original run of these uniforms, it’s a natural extension of the Caps home and road set of the late 1990s. I’m a fan.

If you missed it earlier, check out the leaked Reverse Retro jerseys we saw from the Columbus Blue Jackets and Nashville Predators here.