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Reverse Retro 2022-23: All 32 NHL Jersey Designs Revealed!

All 32 of the NHL’s Adidas Reverse Retro jersey designs for 2022-23 were unveiled this morning, all at the same time (spare a thought for your local uniform reporter). This is the second time the league has rolled out the Reverse Retro program, the first time during the COVID-shortened, fan-free 2020-21 season.

“The first iteration of Reverse Retro was one of the most popular uniform launches of all time. Fans couldn’t get enough of not only their team’s jersey but the nostalgia and storytelling leaguewide,” said Dan Near, Senior Director at Adidas Hockey. “In 2022, we’re doubling down on the design formula – Your Colors, Your Retros, Remixed – and once again seeking to bring the magic of the sport to Gen Z and fans around the world.”

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These uniforms will be worn for one season only, with the first game happening on November 2, when the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins will both wear their new duds against each other for a nationally televised game.

Below is a team-by-team breakdown of the new designs, ordered alphabetically; I’ll try to add additional photos and details to this as the day goes on.


The Anaheim Ducks Reverse Retro jersey is based on their original 1993-94 Mighty Ducks expansion season home white sweater, updated to match the colour scheme of today’s Ducks. The uniform includes the diagonal stripe around the waist, the chevron-style sleeve stripes, and the original Mighty Ducks logo on the chest, again, with updated colours. The Ducks will pair this jersey with orange pants.


Sunday, November 6 vs Florida Panthers
Tuesday, November 15 vs Detroit Red Wings
Tuesday, November 29 at Nashville Predators
Thursday, December 1 at Dallas Stars
Saturday, December 3 at Minnesota Wild
Sunday, December 4 at Winnipeg Jets
Tuesday, January 24 at Arizona Coyotes
Thursday, January 26 at Colorado Avalanche


Like the last round of Reverse Retro jerseys, the Coyotes are going back to their 1998-2003 alternate desert landscape jersey. Originally green (and then purple in 2021), this sweater is now sienna, the first time an NHL team has worn such a colour as the base colour of a uniform. Much like the original 1998-2003 uniform, the sweater features a desert scene at the waist instead of striping, cacti, mountains, and a crescent moon. The shoulders feature a gecko patch, again, as did the original jersey.


“A donkey named Eeyore is his friend” is the line that I can’t get out of my head whenever the Boston Bruins original third jersey pops up. Affectionately referred to as the “Winnie the Pooh” jersey by fans, the Bruins originally wore this sweater from 1996 through 2006, part of the inaugural batch of NHL’s alternate jerseys. Originally yellow, the jersey design returns in white with the same black, jagged striping on the shoulders, at the cuffs of the sleeves, and around the waist.


Monday, November 7 vs St. Louis Blues
Saturday, November 19 vs Chicago Blackhawks
Friday, November 25 vs Carolina Hurricanes
Tuesday, November 29 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Saturday, December 3 vs Colorado Avalanche
Saturday, December 31 vs Buffalo Sabres


It’s the year of the “Goathead” in Buffalo, as the Sabres will now wear two separate uniforms based on the then-hated, now-loved design worn originally from 1996 to 2006. The uniform itself is basically the same as that original black, red, and silver design but, like a few others already on this list, has been updated to reflect the current Sabres colour scheme of blue and gold. “The original modern oversized stripe construction is retained,” says the release from Adidas, “but the appearance of the blocking is simplified to emphasize the royal and gold.”


Wednesday, November 2 vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Saturday, November 12 vs Boston Bruins
Friday, November 25 vs New Jersey Devils
Friday, December 9 vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Tuesday, December 27 at Columbus Blue Jackets
Saturday, January 14 at Nashville Predators
Tuesday, January 17 at Chicago Blackhawks
Wednesday, February 1 vs Carolina Hurricanes


The Calgary Flames’ criminally underrated “pedestal” uniform from the late 1990s returns for the first time since it was ditched for the Reverse Retro program here in 2022-23. Now black instead of red, this uniform features a diagonal stripe around the waist that shoots up to give the appearance that the logo is being placed on a pedestal. The player’s name and numbers are italicized, as they originally were, to give an overall sense of forward movement and to better match the style of the Flames’ primary “Flaming-C” logo on the chest.


The Carolina Hurricanes are paying tribute to their own history, rather than that of the Hartford Whalers, with this sharp-looking red version of their usual, current, road white sweater. Like the road jersey, “CANES” is placed diagonally down the front of the jersey with the double hurricane warning flag in the “C”, around the waist are 24 tonal warning flags placed on a black and white stripe.


The Blackhawks are throwing back to 1938 with this reverse-coloured version of the black and red striped sweaters worn during their Stanley Cup-winning season. Across the chest is “CHICAGO” in white with red trim, inspired by the 2019 Winter Classic crest and the current Blackhawks primary logo is added as a shoulder patch on the left side.


A love letter to the State of Colorado is what we have here from the Colorado Avalanche; this uniform features the original 1995-96 style Avalanche jersey striping, with a mountain range around the waist, with the “CO” mark from the Colorado state flag on the chest. The entire uniform has been recoloured to match that same Colorado state flag. On the shoulders is the Avalanche’s usual primary logo.


Confirming last night’s leak, the Columbus Blue Jackets are going with a recoloured version of the first alternate uniform in team history, worn originally from 2003 to 2007. The black jersey retains the same logo as that original design but updates the body from navy blue to black — the first black jersey in Blue Jackets history. The sleeves have been changed to the team’s current third jersey shade of light blue. Also carried over from that original jersey are the three stars down each sleeve and the shoulder patches of the original CBJ logo on one shoulder, and the Kepi cap on the other.

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A throwback to their first season in Texas, the Dallas Stars Reverse Retro jersey updates those original colours bringing it to the team’s colour scheme of today. The crest on the chest (which accurately is missing the “DALLAS” wordmark) swaps out gold for modern silver (and adds in some pretty nifty embroidery into the literal star of the logo), and the sleeves are now green instead of the original black, those original Texas map shoulder patches also make a return.


A throwback to a throwback as the Detroit Red Wings wear a red and black version of their 1991-92 75th anniversary sweater — the striping style was originally inspired by the Detroit Cougars uniforms of the 1920s, as is the “DETROIT” wordmark across the chest. This will be the first time the Red Wings have worn black on their uniforms, a black and white version of the club’s “Winged-Wheel” logo will be worn on the pants for this set.


The Edmonton Oilers are bringing back their 2000s blue and silver flying gear third uniform with some colour added this time. The overall look of this sweater is fairly loyal to the original design, just with orange added in place of silver in the oil drop, the number trim, and some of the striping, giving it a little extra pop.


The Florida Panthers flip it back to their original uniform striping style but with their original shoulder logo cranked up in size and placed right on the chest. The base of the jersey, originally white, is now light blue, as was the trim colour of their ill-fated third jersey of the late 2000s. Player numbers are navy blue with white trim, shoulders are red with gold trim, and an “FLA” patch is worn on the shoulders.


Saturday, November 19 vs Calgary Flames
Wednesday, November 23 vs Boston Bruins
Saturday, November 26 vs St. Louis Blues
Saturday, December 10 at Tampa Bay Lightning
Sunday, December 11 vs Seattle Kraken
Sunday, January 1 vs New York Rangers
Saturday, January 28 vs Boston Bruins


A classic example of a “how the heck did this jersey never exist before??” here with the Los Angeles Kings reverse retro sweater. The Kings have taken their 1980s yellow uniform and simply presented it in the traditional hockey jersey colour of white. That’s it. It’s simple, but it’s brilliant, and it looks fantastic. What took so long for this to happen? It seems too obvious.


A nod to the NHL history of the State of Minnesota from the Wild, as they did in 2021. The Wild are wearing the jersey style of the 1978 Minnesota North Stars, green with white and gold striping, and a similarly recoloured version of their primary logo on the chest. This is essentially the green version of the white Reverse Retro jersey the Wild wore back in 2021, and we’re all for it.


The Habs are sticking with what works here, taking their classic horizontally-striped uniform and simply changing the base colour from red to light blue. Why light blue? Well, the official reason from Adidas was “City of Montreal” colours; the more realistic reason (and one that the Habs acknowledged) is that it’s a nod to the old uniforms of baseball’s Montreal Expos — note the Canadiens have a light blue banner raised above their ice paying tribute to Les Expos, this jersey matches that banner. Regardless of the actual reason, the Canadiens uniform works surprisingly well in this non-traditional colour scheme for the 113-year-old franchise.


Tuesday, November 15 vs New Jersey Devils
Saturday, December 10 vs Los Angeles Kings
Thursday, December 15 vs Anaheim Ducks
Monday, January 9 vs Seattle Kraken
Thursday, January 19 vs Florida Panthers
Thursday, January 26 vs Detroit Red Wings
Tuesday, January 31 vs Ottawa Senators
Saturday, February 11 vs NY Islanders


Nashville brings back their first third jersey, introduced back in 2001, with the original base colour of “mustard” replaced with the modern Predators gold. The crest on the chest remains the same as it did in 2001, with extra colours and all. The Predators will wear this new jersey with gold helmets, gold socks, and navy blue pants.


Some more relocation fun here as the New Jersey Devils take their original 1980s uniform style but recolour the whole thing to match the colours of the previous life of their franchise — the red, blue, and gold of both the Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies. While the official release mentions only the Rockies, the Scouts wore the same colour scheme during their brief two-year existence. Shoulders are red with gold and blue trim, red/gold/blue striping down each sleeve, flipped around for the waist, and the Devils logo has been recoloured to swap out black/green for blue; an additional blue outline has been added to the crest, just like the Colorado Rockies did.


The return of the infamous Fisherman logo, but not in the proper uniform style. The New York Islanders rebranded completely for the 1995-96 season, bringing us a logo featuring a fisherman on a wave-filled, teal-heavy uniform that threw out any sense of team tradition. Fans hated it; it was removed as soon as possible. But time heals most wounds, and here it returns, now loved and missed by those too young to really remember it the first time around. The Islanders have removed the wavy lines around the waist and sleeves, replacing them with a diagonal stripe, teal is nowhere to be found aside from one wave on the logo, and the lighthouse logos are also gone from the shoulders. A bit of a bummer to see some of the more fun elements from the original uniform have been stripped away here. The Islanders will wear this jersey with matching blue helmets, pants, and socks with orange trim.


Saturday, December 10 vs Carolina Hurricanes
Friday, December 23 vs Florida Panthers
Tuesday, December 27 vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Thursday, January 12 vs Minnesota Wild
Saturday, January 21 vs Carolina Hurricanes
Saturday, January 28 vs Vegas Golden Knights


The New York Rangers are again bringing back the “Lady Liberty” third sweaters but this time presented in the team’s proper colours of royal blue and red rather than dark navy blue. The original dark colours of the jersey can still be seen in the State of Liberty “NYR” crest. Shoulder patches are the same as this jersey’s original run in the late 1990s, a modernized version of the Rangers shield logo.


Remember that awful red, swooshy Ottawa Senators jersey from the late 2000s? Well, it’s back. Now black with matching black swoosh with the team’s modern 2D senator head on the chest. The sleeve striping is again the same as that 2000s red sweater. Shoulder patches on this set bring back that front-facing Centurion logo just when you thought it was gone for good. Ottawa will wear matching black pants, helmets, and socks with this jersey.


Take the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers uniform, and swap the orange and black around. Boom. Reverse Retro 2022. Player names on the back will also be in white letters on a black nameplate, as the Flyers do. But really, the big news around the Flyers Reverse Retro uniform is what they’ll be wearing during pre-game warmups with this jersey; the team has announced those infamous long-pant black “Cooperalls” will be back (not during games, of course) during all pre-game skates on Reverse Retro days. Incredible.


Here’s another “Why didn’t they already wear this jersey?” design. The Penguins are going with a black version of their 1993 home white sweaters, gold shoulder stripes and all, with the “Robo Penguin” on the chest. Originally the Penguins wore “PITTSBURGH” diagonally down the front of their road black uniform during this era; this style is now the club’s third jersey. This new Reverse Retro design is basically a rejected concept from 1993, one that’s been featured on this site for quite some time, and it’s nice to see it finally make its way onto the ice.


Here’s a fun one, the San Jose Sharks are bringing the uniforms of the California Golden Seals back to the NHL. The biggest shame of the Seals being a part of the last “Big 4” franchise to simply disappear rather than relocate is that there are no teams around to throwback to their classic design. Enter San Jose, who plays the closest to where the Golden Seals were originally set up back in the 1960s and ’70s. Here the Sharks will wear the white jersey of the 1974 Golden Seals with original Pacific Blue (teal) and gold striping; across the chest, the wordmark is changed from “Seals” to “Sharks”


Friday, November 25 vs Los Angeles Kings
Wednesday, December 7 vs Vancouver Canucks
Friday, December 9 at Anaheim Ducks
Tuesday, December 13 vs Arizona Coyotes
Tuesday, December 27 at Vancouver Canucks
Thursday, December 29 vs Philadelphia Flyers


When you’re just over a year old there’s not much for your team to throw back to. The Seattle Kraken will wear a light blue sweater with navy blue horizontal striping across the chest and the waist. The striping style is meant to show the Kraken from the logo partially submerged beneath the navy blue sea.

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The second prototype jersey to finally make its way onto the ice. The St Louis Blues will wear a yellow version of the white concept jersey initially presented by the team back in 1966. The logo shows a blue musical note with “ST LOUIS BLUES” arched above and below with white and blue striping on the shoulders, sleeves, and waist. When the puck finally dropped in St. Louis in the fall of 1967 the striping remained but the logo had been changed significantly to match the famous Bluenote logo we all know today.


Another throwback to an old 1990s third jersey; here the Tampa Bay Lightning bring back their 1997 thunderstorm jersey but has changed the royal blue base to white. The design features blue and silver raindrops, blue waves along the bottom, and white and gold lightning bolts going down the sleeves.


Well, it’s a heckuva lot better than what they did for 2021; I’ll tell you that much. The Toronto Maple Leafs are wearing a slightly modified version of their white 1962 Stanley Cup championship jersey; the blue and white are simply flipped on this design. The original blue version of the 1962 sweater did not include a white shoulder yoke. Adidas says they recreated the crest using vintage single-needle style stitching and felt names and numbers.


Johnny Canuck! The Vancouver Canucks will finally feature the logo of their original namesake, the 1960s WHL Canucks, on a navy blue, white, and green jersey. Mr. Canuck is shown wearing a toque, holding a stick, and skating across the jersey. Much like the uniforms worn by the 1962 WHL Canucks, player numbers will appear on the front of the jersey in the upper left chest and on the right sleeve but NOT on the left sleeve.


The Vegas Golden Knights are dipping into the “what if” well here. A team with little history of their own, the Golden Knights have presented a jersey that shows what they would have worn if they had a third jersey back in 1995. It’s black with “VEGAS” shown diagonally down the chest with red and gold striping and a player name and number style based on vintage hotel signage on the strip. Fun fact, this jersey features hidden glow-in-the-dark stars in the crest.


Saturday, November 26 vs Vancouver Canucks
Friday, December 9 vs Philidelphia Flyers
Saturday, December 17 vs New York Islanders
Saturday, December 31 vs Nashville Predators
Saturday, January 7 vs Los Angeles Kings
Saturday, January 14 vs Edmonton Oilers
Monday, January 16 vs Dallas Stars
Saturday, January 21 vs Washington Capitals


Another “where was this uniform originally?” design, the Washington Capitals will wear a black version of their 1990s “screaming eagle” set. Back in the ’90s, this jersey was worn with a blue base; a black alternate did eventually come around but featured the secondary U.S. Capitol Dome logo on the chest. That Dome logo returns here on this jersey, placed on the shoulders where it originally lived on the home and road sweaters.


Saturday, November 5 vs Arizona Coyotes
Friday, November 25 vs Calgary Flames
Friday, December 9 vs Seattle Kraken
Friday, December 23 vs Winnipeg Jets
Saturday, December 31 vs Montreal Canadiens
Tuesday, January 3 vs Buffalo Sabres
Saturday, January 14 vs Philadelphia Flyers


The Winnipeg Jets are just set on giving us Jets 1.0 in Jets 2.0 colours. As was the case in 2021, the Jets brought back an original Jets uniform but recoloured in double blue. The Jets originally introduced this particular uniform style in 1990 and kept it through until their final season in Winnipeg in 1996. The base is white, the Jets crest is navy and light blue, and the striping is light blue with navy blue trim. Single-colour numbers as were the original Jets uniforms from 1990. I wouldn’t mind seeing the modern Winnipeg Jets logos in the original Jets red, white, and blue colour scheme and striping if we’re doing this again in 2023-24.

Before we go, a look back at all 32 NHL Reverse Retro team logos:

Having a hard time remembering what some of these teams wore the last time the NHL did Reverse Retro? Check out our coverage of when all of those uniforms were unveiled back in 2020.

And that’s it! Apologies for any grammatical errors; I typed this up FAST as I had no advanced knowledge of any of these designs this year. Please share anything I may have missed in the comments.

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