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Return of the Goat: Sabres Unveil Throwback Third Uniform

A “Goat” in name only, the Buffalo Sabres today unveiled their new black “Goathead” third uniform, scheduled to be worn a dozen times throughout the 2022-23 season (and then for a handful of games in the two seasons to follow). The Sabres originally wore this logo and uniform design for ten seasons from 1996-97 through 2005-06.

The Sabres are calling this sweater “reminiscent of the original,” with some elements “updated and simplified.” It brings back the late ’90s Buffalo-head logo (called the “Goathead” by many) on a black jersey with the same white, red, and silver striping up the sides and sleeves.

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Updates to the design include the shadow details, horns, and outlines on the logo; the player’s numbers are now just white and red with an extra silver outline removed, giving it a less-busy look. There’s also a change to the sock striping to a simple three-horizontal-striped equal parts white, red, and silver pattern versus the original thin white and thin red stripes sandwiching a large silver stripe.

Other elements returning from the uniform’s original run are the “B-Sword” shoulder patches and the Sabres’ wordmark logo on the front of the pants on the player’s right leg.

Digging into the “updated and simplified” bit a little more here, starting with the primary logo. The overall shape of the logo has been altered, as you will see in the graphic below, the left side now has more of a curve and the lower right side comes to a smaller point. There are fewer colours in the logo as well, with the lighter shade of silver removed entirely and replaced by either white or dark silver. The biggest change comes to the area around the eye of the buffalo, where most of the extra detailing has been removed.

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A subtle change was also made to the “B-Sword” shoulder patch logo, much like the player’s numbers the extra silver outline was removed giving us a cleaner look. More interestingly, the sword itself has been redone to make it appear more like the sword on the Buffalo Sabres primary logo. Take a look:

If you can’t see the difference, check out the hilt of the sword.

The Sabres will wear the throwback sweater twelve times this season with its debut coming later this month, a home game against the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday, November 23. The full schedule in the graphic courtesy of the Sabres can be seen below:

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