Arizona Born: Dbacks Celebrate 25th Anniversary with Commemorative Logo

The Arizona Diamondbacks are turning 25 years old next year.

Yes, seriously!

The Phoenix-based ballclub today announced a new commemorative 25th anniversary logo for the 2023 season. The logo pays tribute to the team’s desert location as well as both of the primary colour schemes that the Dbacks have used during their quarter-century of existence — the purple/teal look from 1998-2006 and then the red/sand of 2007-today; black, which was used across both colour schemes, is also prominently featured.

The design shows a large 25 in two-toned sand in a standard jersey block typeface above a banner which reads ANNIVERSARY in Copperplate. A desert landscape is shown in black, silhouetted against the teal and purple rays in the sky. Arched above everything on a red circle is the phrase “ARIZONA BORN,” also in Copperplate. The club’s first season of 1998 is on the left, the current season of 2023 is on the right, and a state map of Arizona in black is below with the club’s current primary “A”/snakehead logo on it.

LINK: Arizona Diamondbacks complete logo and uniform history

There is no word yet on if the Diamondbacks plan on wearing this logo as a patch on their jerseys next year. I hate to remind you all that Major League Baseball teams are permitted to wear advertisements on their jersey sleeves starting with the 2023 season (and they’re big ones!), so that may sadly limit the real estate for commemorative patches going forward. Worth noting that the Diamondbacks have not yet announced whether they will or will not wear an advertisement on their uniforms yet; at this time, only the San Diego Padres have publically committed to doing so (the Boston Red Sox have reportedly struck a deal as well, but this has not been officially announced by the club).

This is the fourth commemorative logo that the Diamondbacks have used to celebrate a noteworthy season or anniversary; the previous three (inaugural season 1998, tenth anniversary 2008, and twentieth anniversary 2018) were all worn as jersey patches.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were granted a Major League Baseball franchise in 1995, joining the National League West Division for the 1998 season. They won their first division title in 1999, just their second season, and then won their only World Series Championship two years later in 2001, stopping the New York Yankees’ attempt to win a fourth straight title. No club in Major League history has won a World Series in fewer seasons than the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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