Iconic ’90s Starter NFL Pullover Jackets Return in Limited Edition Run by Homage

As a sports-obsessed kid growing up in the 1990s, there’s one jacket I can vividly remember seeing way more than any other around the schoolyard.

The Starter Pullover.

That kangaroo-pocketed beaut with the zipper in the shape of the Starter logo. Bright colours, the team logo with a wordmark on the velcro flap, and a giant team logo on the back. I loved everything about that jacket; I memorized the template and secretly wondered if I’d ever get my very own to be a part of the cool Starter kids crew.

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Of course, I never did get one; my parents couldn’t afford something like that back then. I ended up saving up a few birthday twenties to get myself a Michigan Wolverines jacket with Mickey Mouse on it. It wasn’t a Starter but I still liked it. Two weeks later, it was stolen, and I never saw it again.

Nevertheless, it appears I, and others of my generation who missed their first crack at this extraordinarily popular jacket, are getting another shot. Today, Homage announced they were bringing back the iconic Starter jacket, 33 designs, one for each team currently in the NFL, as well as the dearly departed Houston Oilers.

“The unforgettable star of the Starter logo remains an instantly recognizable symbol of nineties swag,” reads a release from Homage. “The sportswear brand became associated with classic hip-hop and Hollywood in the early part of the decade, when stars from Eddie Murphy to Brooke Shields to DJ Jazzy Jeff sported Starter’s outerwear, headwear, hoodies, and more. As a comfort-focused brand obsessed with the stories that move us, HOMAGE is thrilled to showcase such an iconic piece of nineties street fashion culture.”

They even brought back the Starter-logo zipper.

Homage says they’re limiting this release of the new Starter NFL Pullover jackets to just 100 per team, so, yes, perhaps I may miss out on this jacket again. But I’m holding out hope that interest in this design may give the company a reason to increase production someday or perhaps expand designs beyond the NFL.

You can check out all 33 designs and shop for your own Starter NFL Pullover jacket from Homage if you so desire via our affiliate link right here.

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