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XFL Unveils Under Armour Uniforms For 2023 Reboot Season

The XFL unveiled home and road uniforms this week for the eight teams that will be participating its reboot season, which kicks off on Feb. 18, 2023.

The uniforms were created by Under Armour, which has a longstanding partnership with XFL co-owners Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia and will be the exclusive provider of the league’s on-field, sideline and training apparel.

They are on Under Armour’s ArmourGrid 2 template, which has been used by some of college football’s top programs since 2019, and feature “Blood, Sweat, Respect” inside the back collar and Johnson’s personal logo above the back nameplate.

“For almost two years now, we have been working closely with Under Armour to ensure these new uniforms not only represent the pride and history of each city, but are also designed to withstand the physicality of this sport and each player leaving it all on the field come game day,” Johnson said. “Now it’s time for our players to gear up and ball out XFL style for the 2023 season.”

Arlington Renegades

Both Arlington’s light blue home jersey and white road jersey feature a Renegades wordmark on the chest, a custom number font with an inline and a shoulder design that is inspired by the angled slash on the team’s stylized primary logo.

The light blue and white pants have the primary logo on the left hip and contrasting truncated stripes down the side. That logo is also displayed on both sides of the light blue helmet, which includes a black crown that fades toward the back.

D.C. Defenders

At first glance, the Defenders’ uniforms bring to mind the Wisconsin Badgers, with two red stripes down the center of a white helmet, red and white jerseys with two contrasting stripes on the sleeves and red and white pants with two contrasting stripes down the sides.

Closer inspection reveals a camouflage pattern on the helmet, which includes the team’s primary logo on both sides, and on the shoulders of the white jersey. The sleeve stripes have notches like Wisconsin, but also feature three stars as a nod to the flag of Washington D.C. 

Houston Roughnecks

Similar to Texas Tech’s “Lone Star Pride” uniform from 2014, Houston’s helmet is a nod to the state flag, with blue on one side and a white and red split on the other. The blue side includes the Roughnecks’ primary logo, while the other features the player’s number.

That inspiration is carried over to the blue home and white road jersey, which both have contrasting shoulder yoke. The number font and side panels on the white and blue pants, meanwhile, have a splatter patter throughout as a nod to the oil industry. 

Orlando Guardians

The Guardians’ forest green helmet features a gray facemask, primary logo on both sides and bright green striping pattern down the center that mimics the bolt pattern on the neck of the large cat. That pattern can also be seen within the stripes on the road gray pants.

The home forest green jersey, which will be worn with matching pants, features bright green numbers, bright green shoulder design and gray sleeve caps, while the white road jersey includes forest green numbers, forest green shoulder design and gray sleeve caps.

San Antonio Brahmas 

The Brahmas, who were inspired by Johnson’s nickname of “The Brahma Bull,” naturally use the yellow horns from their primary logo on the gray helmet. The horns are cracked, matching the bull skull that Johnson had tattooed on his right bicep.

That texture can be seen on the numbers and sleeves of the gray home and yellow road jersey, which also has a sarape pattern on the collar and contrasting shoulder design. The look is complete with gray pants that have a yellow side panel and primary logo on the left hip.

Seattle Sea Dragons

The Sea Dragons’ metallic orange helmet features a metallic green facemask, primary logo on both sides and center stripe that uses green and blue emerald-shaped scales as a nod to Seattle’s nickname of the “Emerald City.”

That pattern can also be seen on the shoulder design on the orange home and white road jerseys, as well as the side panels of the white home pants and orange road pants. The uniform is complete with either white or blue numbers outlined in green or blue.

St. Louis Battlehawks

The Battlehawks’ gray helmet wasinspired by the Philadelphia Eagles, with the wings from their primary logo protruding from the blue facemask. There’s a chrome gray stripe down the center, matching the shoulder design on the blue home and gray road jerseys.

Those chrome gray accents, which can also be seen down the sides of the blue home pants, are an ode to the infamous Gateway Arch, while the stenciled number font is a nod to the history of manufacturing jet aircraft in St. Louis.  

Vegas Vipers

Vegas’ black helmet features the Vipers’ fanged “V” primary logo on both sides and a pair of red fangs that start on the back of the helmet and hang over the crown. There are also sublimated fangs on the shoulders of the black home jersey.

Lastly, there is a sublimated, diamond-shaped snakeskin pattern in the numbers and sleeve caps of the white road jerseys, as well as in the side panels of the black home pants and white road pants, which both have the primary logo on the left hip.

Photos courtesy of @XFL2023 on Twitter.