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MLB’s 2023 Spring Training Logos

Major League Baseball today announced the 2023 Spring Training pitchers and catchers’ dates as well as the full squad’s first workout dates for each of their 30 teams (the full list of these dates can be seen here)

With that news, we’re taking a quick look at the 2023 slate of Spring Training logos and a look back at past Spring Training logos.

This season, the logo is very similar to what was used last year in 2022 — a simple wordmark with SPRING TRAINING in blue lettering and the year in red. The palm tree and cactus imagery have been removed and replaced with… well, nothing.

Two versions of the logo in the graphic above, the primary and wordmark styles, along with their on dark companions.

Each of the two states — Arizona and Florida — hosting Spring Training camps get their own logos as well:

Arizona’s “Cactus League” gets a navy blue and orange colour scheme, while out east in Florida the “Grapefruit League” gives us a double dose of blue with navy and powder.

As is the case with past seasons, each team gets their own version of the Spring Training logo, unfortunately I don’t yet have a copy of each club’s logo but I’ve assembled a few examples below which gives you the general idea of how the template works:

The home plate shape from the Arizona and Florida state logos carries over. Note with the Reds logo above that there are also versions for each team that incorporate the city in which they set up camp.

Here’s a look at how the 2023 Spring Training logo stacks up against those in recent years, dating back to Spring Training 2010:

LINK: Spring Training logos history

Spring Training 2023 starts when the first wave of teams open up to pitchers and catchers on February 15; the first Spring Training games begin on February 24.