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Actor Ryan Reynolds Foots Bill for Wrexham Youth Club’s New Kits

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to his commitment to the community of Wrexham, Wales.

After Reynolds and fellow actor Rob McElhenney bought local professional club Wrexham AFC in November 2020, they said time and again that they were looking to build up the community through the football club. Reynolds re-affirmed that commitment last week when he donated £1,600 to a GoFundMe set up to buy new kits for FC United of Wrexham, an under-12 futsal (five-a-side indoor soccer) club in the city.

“I was nearly in tears. I know how much that money means to the club and the lads. Happy is an understatement,” Kayleigh Barton told Sky News. Barton set up the GoFundMe campaign and her son plays on the team.

Courtesy @FCUtdofWxm / Twitter

Team founder Andrew Ruscoe told a local newspaper that he asked Reynolds to retweet the campaign, to boost its profile, but he never expected the actor to make a donation.

Reynolds messaged Ruscoe on Twitter, saying, “Enjoy the new uniforms!”

In appreciation of the gift, the team recorded a thank-you video and will put the Deadpool logo on the sleeves of the kit, which will be manufactured by BLK RAT Giraffe. Limited edition shirts are available for purchase on the company’s website.

Reynolds and McElhenney also donated £10,000 to a GoFundMe set up by one of Wrexham AFC’s players when he and his partner’s baby was stillborn in December 2021. And Reynolds sent a video message to a 13-year-old boy in Newcastle, England, as he recovered from open heart surgery in July 2022.

The actors’ trials and tribulations owning a club in the fifth tier of English football are documented in the FX series Welcome to Wrexham.

Barton and Ruscoe recounted the whole story of Reynolds’s donation in an interview with the BBC: