USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers Change Colors To Black And Gold

In an attempt to connect with fans of the other professional franchises within the city, the USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers announced on Tuesday they have changed their color scheme to black and gold.

The Maulers were purple and red during their original run in 1984 but moved to a purple and orange color scheme for the league’s reboot season in 2022, when they won just one game.

Pittsburgh’s logo continues to depict a steelworker swinging a maul, a sledgehammer-like tool, while its mascot, Marty the Mauler, looks like a younger version of Steely McBeam, the mascot for the NFL’s Steelers.

It will only be harder to ignore the similarities now that Marty will be outfitted in the same colors as Steely, as the Maulers now join the Steelers, NHL’s Penguins, MLB’s Pirates and USL’s Riverhounds in black and gold.

Additionally, Pittsburgh will be coached by Ray Horton, who won Super Bowl XL and XLIII as the Steelers’ secondary coach from 2004-10. He replaces Kirby Wilson, who resigned earlier this month due to personal reasons.

That said, the Maulers will not play in the Steel City when the season kicks off on April 15, as the USFL is set to announce later this week the North Division will play games in Canton, Ohio, and Detroit, Mich.

The South Division, meanwhile, will be split between Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., after Birmingham hosted the entire league last season – aside from the playoffs, which took place in Canton.

Photo courtesy of @USFLMaulers on Twitter.