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First Look at Super Bowl LVIII Logo in Las Vegas?

We’ve only just found out who’s playing in Super Bowl LVII, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking ahead to next year’s Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we’ve gotten our first rough idea of what the logo for the Vegas-hosted Super Bowl LVIII could look like. Our tipster caught a glimpse of the logo on the side of a purple tour bus while driving close to Allegiant Stadium, the site of next year’s big game.

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Unfortunately, our friend didn’t snap a photo in time but was able to recall enough of the details to sketch it out, courtroom style, when they returned home. Now please keep in mind that this is just a rough sketch, and also, please note we have not been able to confirm whether this logo is what they’ll actually be using… but here’s what we’ve got, presented below, compared with the previous two logos of this template.

Rough sketch in mind, things to note — if this is indeed the logo, of course, the logo is predominantly purple, features portions of the Las Vegas skyline and the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign within the Roman numerals, and (my favourite part) the Roman numerals are curved up on either end — this would be a nice little deviation from the straight, flat logos of the latest template.

It’s got potential; I’ll say that. Usually, we get our first real look at the actual logo in the week before or after the Super Bowl of the year prior, so we may still have to wait until mid-February before we can see the real, finalized, polished Super Bowl LVIII logo.