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Full Nike LeBron x Liverpool FC Line Released

After LeBron James debuted a new jersey collaboration with Liverpool FC before a Lakers game last month, Nike has released the full collaboration line, including soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys and shorts, long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies and basketball shoes.

The LeBron x Liverpool FC line was listed on Nike’s website starting Thursday, February 9. Most of the pieces feature LeBron’s personal logo, the LFC crest and the monograms “YNWA” for Liverpool’s club motto/anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “SFG” for LeBron’s own mantra, “Strive for Greatness.”

The soccer jersey LeBron wore on January 26 is mostly black with red pinstripes and a red insert on the back collar. In between the pinstripes are tonal black stripes with the “YNWA” and “SFG” acronyms alternating. LeBron’s personal logo sits front and center on the chest, with the Nike logo and the LFC crest above it. All the logos are red with white outlines.

The basketball jersey and shorts are burgundy with a pattern of red diamond-shaped “YNWA” and “SFG” monograms. The jersey has white and red striping around the collar and arms, along with LeBron’s logo on the right chest, the LFC logo on the left chest and a white “YNWA” logo across the front. The back of the jersey has LeBron’s number 6 in Liverpool’s custom font for cup competitions and friendlies. Above the number is a “Strive For Greatness” script logo, while the Nike swoosh is below.

The shorts have red panels on the sides flanked by white and burgundy stripes, which also run around the hems. The waistband features white and red striping. The LFC crest and LeBron’s logo sits on the right leg, while a number 6 and a Nike swoosh sit on the left leg.

Courtesy Nike

The hoodie is black with a red-and-white logo of a roaring lion wearing a crown in the middle of the chest. Under that are a LeBron logo and the initials “S.F.G.”, both in red. A “YNWA” logo is embroidered on the right cuff, while a large red LFC crest appears on the back.

The long-sleeve Max90 T-shirts are available in both red and black. Both have a white LeBron logo and white LFC crest on the chest, and a white “Strive For Greatness” script logo on the back.

The LeBron XX basketball shoes are predominantly red, with red and black overlapping swooshes on the outsides and a black swoosh on the instep. Black LFC crests appear on the backs of the shoes while “YNWA” and “SFG” monograms are printed on the insoles. Gold “XX” ornaments are included on the laces.