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Texas Longhorns Won’t Wear Alternate Football Uniforms Under Athletic Director Chris Del Conte

Photo courtesy of @TexasFootball on Twitter.

During a virtual town hall meeting for fans and reporters on Monday night, Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte was asked if the Longhorns will wear an alternate uniform for one game each fall.

“No,” Del Conte said. “As long as I’m working for you and I work at the University of Texas, there’s two colors: burnt orange and white. If God wanted a (multicolored) sunset, He’d have made it purple, green, yellow, black, red. He made it orange.

“When the sun rises, it’s burnt orange. It’s perfect. Why would we want to do that? We’re the most traditional program in the country. We have a great logo. We have great colors. It’s unique. (Legendary head coach) Darrell Royal  said these are work uniforms. We don’t need to candy this stuff up. I firmly believe that. 

“When you look at the University of Texas from afar, and it’s us, USC, Alabama, Penn State, they don’t change. There’s something to be proud about that. When I was at other institutions and we’re changing uniforms 1,000 times, and I look what Arizona’s doing, TCU’s doing, Oregon’s doing, you don’t even know who they are half the time you turn on the channel.

“Every time you turn on the channel and you look across (the field), you know who the University of Texas is. That is what it’s all about. I always tell our kids, ‘Embrace who we are.’ It’s not old. It’s not stuffy. It’s Texas. It’s the best.”

While it would be easy to point out how Texas has worn alternate uniforms in the past, including (but not limited to) the Nike Pro Combat set in 2009, gold-trimmed Red River Rivalry design in 2013 and 1969 national championship throwbacks under his watch in 2019, Del Conte’s statement is certainly directed at those fans who clamor for black uniforms.

However, justifying your desire for the Longhorns to wear nothing but burnt orange jerseys at home and all-white uniforms on the road by by saying there aren’t multicolored sunsets – especially in Austin, Texas, which is nicknamed the “Violet Crown” for the glow in the western sky at dusk – is certainly a choice.