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Detroit Lions Uniform Redesign Contest Results

The results are (finally) in! We’re excited to share that received more than 50 submissions for the Detroit Lions redesign contest on social media and through email. 

After careful consideration, we’ve picked our favorite designs in five categories, including the best new logo, introduction of a new color, throwback design, traditional design and modernization. We’ve also created a design of our own.

If you were among those who submitted a design but do not see it featured below, don’t worry. We’re already planning another design contest, which we’ll share soon. With that said, here are the results of the Detroit Lions redesign contest:

Best New Logo – Houston Mark (@houstonnotmark)

Mark’s logo concept blends 1920-30s hood ornaments with the Lions’ 1961-69 logo, while the diagonal lines on the sleeves of the home and road uniforms are inspired by the hood vents of interwar cars.

Best Introduction Of A New Color – Russ Ivanac

Ivanac’s concept was inspired by The Spirit of Detroit, an oxidized bronze (green) statue that sits one mile from Ford Field and is among the city’s most identifiable landmarks, while adding brick as the secondary color.

Best Throwback Design – Dale Hammerly

While several submissions included the purple and gold of the Portsmouth Lions, Hammerly tipped his cap to the 1948 squad, which wore scarlet and black uniforms under former Indiana Hoosiers head coach Bo McMillin.

Best Traditional Design – Jim Pericotti (@thejimdesign)

Pericotti retained the Lions’ current striping pattern while returning the franchise to its traditional block number font. He also added a splash of white in wordmark on the chest, number stroke and nameplate for some muhc-needed contrast.

Best Modernization – Joe Ketchen (@jketchendesignco)

Naturally, Ketchen’s modernization of the brand involves a polished chrome helmet, numbers and sleeve design, while the pants bring back the metallic fabric that have been absent from football for the last decade.

Our Submission – Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind)’s submission was inspired by a gunmetal gray Ford GT, including the number font on the dashboard, while the stripes on the helmet, jersey and pants were influenced by the sports car and the 1961-69 logo.