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NFL, New Era Unveil 2023 NFL Draft Hats

Photos courtesy of New Era.

With exactly one month until the 2023 NFL Draft, New Era released the hat designs for all 32 teams on Monday, as well as a league-specific design. 

As we first reported earlier this month, the hats come in two different colors but share the same overall design. That includes a small city wordmark above a large nickname on the front, with a team logo inside of the nickname.

The ivory hat is what the players will be given as they walk across the stage to shake hands with commissioner Roger Goodell, though there is also a team color version being sold, as well.

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The color of the brim and squatchee stay the same across the two hats. For example, Carolina – which owns the No. 1 overall pick – has a Panther Blue brim and squatchee on both their ivory and Panther Blue hats. 

The back of the hat features the same logo that was included in the wordmark, though several teams have the logo placed on top of the wordmark to adhere to their specific brand guidelines.

The hats are complete with the New Era flag on the left side, while the NFL shield is displayed in team colors on the right. The 2023 NFL Draft will take place outside of Union Station in Kansas City on April 27-29.

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