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WNBA Reveals Five New Team Uniforms for 2023 Nike Rebel Series

This past Friday, the Women’s National Basketball Association and Nike released five new “Rebel Edition” uniforms to be worn by teams during the 2023 and 2024 WNBA seasons.

For those unfamiliar with the WNBA’s uniform designations, teams get three sets — a Heroine Edition, an Explorer Edition, and a Rebel Edition (note the initials spell out “H.E.R.”). These designations work similarly to the NBA’s Icon, Association, and City uniforms. All Heroine uniforms are white (like the NBA’s “Association”), the Explorer sets are dark versions of the white (like the NBA’s “Icon”), and the Rebel sets are almost always an entirely new design designed to be used for a relatively short amount of time (similar to the NBA “City” series). This new uniform system was introduced back in 2021; if you want more information on the WNBA’s uniform structure, you can check out my comprehensive coverage from its initial release right here.

With that knowledge fresh in your noggin’, let’s go ahead and take a look at the new WNBA Nike Rebel Edition sets for this season and next.


The Dallas Wings Rebel Edition uniform is “a retro-inspired uniform” which “pays homage to the great state of Texas and its bold personalities.”

The jersey is black with five diagonal stripes (four royal blue, one “Volt” green) shooting up the front of the jersey from the bottom right toward to left armpit and continuing onto the back. These stripes represent strength, speed, and unity, three qualities that the team says “come with being a part of the Dallas Wings organization and the team’s growing legacy.”

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Across the chest is “TEXAS” in retro-styled split lettering, the top half in white and the bottom in lime green. This “champions the basketball pioneers who helped pave the way for the next generation of athletes.” The player’s number is centred below and mimics the same style as the wordmark. Around the collar is a volt green stripe followed by a royal blue one; this wraps around to the back, where the WNBA silhouette is placed above the player’s number in lime green. The number on the back is the same style as the one on the front, the player’s name is below in white, and the league-wide jersey advertisement for AT&T is below that in white.


The Indiana Fever 2023-24 Rebel Edition uniform pays tribute to the “Bloodline of Indiana’s basketball history” specifically to the “Red Outs” that fans participated in during the Fever’s run to the 2012 WNBA Championship.

The jersey is red with FEVER across the chest in white with the player number below the same. Darker red pinstripes down the front and back are made up of both the quote “Basketball Chose Me,” from former Fever player Tamika Catchings’s Basketball Hall of Fame speech, as well as dates which “honour the moments and movements” that led the team to where they are today.

Around the collar and arm are three stripes alternating between dark and lighter red. The player number on the back is white with the name and advertiser’s logo centred below the same.

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The Fever will wear these uniforms five times in 2023: June 11 vs Phoenix, July 9 vs Dallas, August 1 vs Phoenix, August 13 vs New York, and August 24 against Seattle.


The Minnesota Lynx 2023 Rebel Edition uniform is black with dark green trim around the collar and sleeves, double green striping down each side, and the club name across the chest in green and white with a white-on-white spotted pattern within the LYNX wordmark.

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The team has not provided any inspiration or explanations for the design, the latest being that it’s coming soon.

The club is celebrating its 25th season in 2023 which may lend a clue as to its inspiration, however it doesn’t resemble the team’s original uniforms so… I guess we’ll wait and see what the team says.


The New York Liberty will once again sport “EQUALITY” across the chest of their Rebel Edition uniform “representing the team’s ongoing commitment to equality and social justice.”

The jersey is seafoam green with a gradient into black towards the top quarter of the base, a nod to streetball in New York City and “the important role it plays in growing the game for the next generation of athletes”. “EQUALITY” is arched across the chest in black trimed in white and seafoam with the “I” styled to represent the torch from the Statue of Liberty. Player’s numbers are centred below in black and white.

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On the shorts, which reverses the seafoam-black gradient, we see a new interlocked “NYL” logo in black on the front left side while a large black flame appears on the back of the shorts, symbolizing the Statue of Liberty “passing her torch between past, present, and future athletes.”


The Washington Mystics Rebel Edition uniform is a dedication to strong women, “who have always made the unthinkable possible” and “shows us that all dreams that become a reality require bravery.”

Black with “WASHINGTON” arched across the chest in gold “1900s style” lettering, player number below in white. Gold striping around the collar and sleeves, gold and white stripes down each side. A gold heart placed right at the collar above the team name.

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Embedded within the black base of the jersey is a subtle “wave” pattern made up of the words of civil rights activist, and founder of the National Training School for Women and Girls, Nannie Helen Burroughs “Struggle, Battle, Overcome.” The gold heart at the collar is another homage to Burroughs, inspired by the necklace she often wore. Two gold-coloured filigree style brackets on the back shoulders are patterned after the architecture at the aforementioned National Training School for Women and Girls.

The Mystics will wear their new Rebel Edition uniforms eight times in 2023: May 23 vs Connecticut, June 2 vs Dallas, June 16 vs Phoenix, June 18 vs Chicago, July 21 vs New York, August 6 vs Los Angeles, August 26 vs Las Vegas, and September 8 vs Atlanta.

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