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Guardians Honour Longtime Drumming Fan With Memorial Patch

The Cleveland Guardians will pay tribute to the memory of their biggest (and loudest) fan with a special patch for two games this season.

Back in 1973, John Adams purchased a $25 drum to bring into Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium to replicate and amplify the sound of fans drumming on the stadium’s seats. This would turn into a nearly-fifty season tradition of hearing Adams’ drums during tense or rally-requiring moments during which Adams would only miss 45 games, a feat that would make Cal Ripken take notice. Following a string of health issues, Adams died in January at the age of 71.

To honour Adams and his incredible commitment to the team, the Guardians will wear a special patch on their jersey sleeve for their home opener on Friday and again on August 24th for the 50th anniversary of his first game with the drums. The patch shows his drum in navy blue with red and white trim. Inside the drum are two mallets and his initials JA in white.

Comedian Drew Carey tries out John Adams’ drum during the 2019 All-Star Celebrity Game

Adams may be the first fan ever to be honoured with an on-field patch by a Major League Baseball team (please correct me in the comments if I am wrong). The NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets wore a heart-shaped helmet decal featuring the initials B.N.C. in memory of Brittanie Cecil, a young fan who was killed during a game when struck by a puck shot into the stands in 2002.