Rookies Sculpt Buffalo Bills’ Logo From Clay

Several years ago, I asked players attending Big Ten media days to draw their school’s primary logo from memory. Some logos were easy to draw, while others… let’s just say it didn’t go well.

Professional teams have replicated this task ad nauseam since, so it was refreshing to see the Buffalo Bills have a different take when they asked their recent draft picks to sculpt their logo from clay.

Tight end Dalton Kincaid, linebacker Dorian Williams, wide receivers Justin Shorter and Jalen Wayne, defensive tackle D.J. Dale, offensive linemen O’Cyrus Torrence and Richard Gouraige, cornerback Alex Austin, running back Jordan Mims all participated in the exercise. 

Everyone except Gouraige did well, while Kincaid’s fell apart before it could be displayed like it was a cake on an episode of Nailed It! It’s hard to pick a winner between Austin and Shorter’s attempts, though.