MLB 2023 Father’s Day Cap Collection Released

Major League Baseball’s 2023 holiday cap season continues in June with all 30 teams wearing special blue-tinged caps in honour of Father’s Day, which this year will fall on Sunday, June 18th, in North America.

Each team will wear their usual cap crown colour for Father’s Day 2023 with their logo getting a slight hint of blue applied to it. The amount of blue and how it’s applied varies a bit from team to team, but the overall trend seems to be – the usual cap logo with white replaced with light blue, with some teams adding an additional light blue outline around the logo as trim.

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As you see in the graphic above, the Padres — who don’t wear white anywhere on their usual caps — added an extra blue outline to their design. The Dodgers, meanwhile, re-coloured their typically white “LA” in Dodger blue and added a light blue outline.

There is a decorative side patch added to the right of all the Father’s Day caps; this patch is a baby blue shield with the city name at the top, the club’s wordmark logo in the middle, a baseball in behind, and two crossed bats below with the MLB logo placed between them.

Here’s a closer look:

The only variation from team to team with this side patch has to do with the trim colour around the shield itself (aside from the city name/wordmark logo being swapped out).

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On the back of the cap, the MLB logo will be treated just as the front cap logo is, the white parts replaced with light blue (see photo earlier in the post). Item descriptions on the MLB Shop site suggest the underbill is blue, but I have not been able to find any photos of this feature.

Here’s an all-in-one look at all thirty 2023 MLB Father’s Day cap designs:

These caps will be worn for one game, Sunday, June 18th. You can grab your own 2023 MLB Father’s Day cap right now, right here.

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