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2024 NHL All-Star Game Logo Unveiled, Hosted by Toronto Maple Leafs

The National Hockey League unveiled the 2024 NHL All-Star Game logo over the weekend; the 68th edition of the sometimes-annual game will be played at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on February 3, 2024.

The logo features a yellow star trimmed in blue and silver with a red maple leaf. Across the front of the logo is “All-Star” scripted in white with a red banner below featuring the host city and year, “TORONTO 2024.”

This edition of the game will feature two different sponsored versions of the logo, one each for the Canadian (Rogers) and U.S. (Honda) markets:

The NHL explained that the logo features a maple leaf, not for the host Toronto Maple Leafs but instead to represent the seven Canadian-based teams in the league; likewise, the star was (no, not for the All-Star Game) but instead for the 25 teams based in the United States… we’ll see if the league’s next All-Star Game to be hosted in the U.S. will return the favour with their logo. The “TORONTO 2024” typeface used across the ribbon is from the oft-photographed “TORONTO” sign at City Hall.

The colour scheme is blue, red, yellow, and silver; black makes an appearance via the NHL shield logo. The blue and red are in reference to the colours of the City of Toronto flag, the yellow and the black (from the NHL logo) are part of a “brand extension” for the game itself. What’s a “brand extension,” you ask? Well, it could apply to a few things — some of the events surrounding the game, perhaps, such as the Skills Competition or some other partnership. While I struggled to find any connection between Toronto, the Maple Leafs, the NHL and the colour yellow, my wife rather effortlessly reminded me that the Leafs’ used yellow on their alternate black uniforms, which were designed by Justin Bieber’s Drew House brand, and, yes, extending that partnership seems exactly like something the league would do here.

We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

This will be the first NHL All-Star Game played in Canada in a dozen years when Ottawa hosted the game in 2012. Toronto last hosted back in 2000; it is the Leafs’ 9th time hosting the NHL All-Star Game, but just the second time they’ve done so in the past half-Century.

Here’s a look at the 2024 NHL All-Star Game logo stacked up against other recent NHL All-Star Games:

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