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NHL Unveils 2024 Winter Classic Logo in Seattle

The logo for the 2024 NHL Winter Classic in Seattle was unveiled by the league this past weekend. The 15th annual New Year’s outdoor game will be held at T-Mobile Park, home of baseball’s Seattle Mariners, between the host Seattle Kraken and the Vegas Golden Knights.

With a focus on nautical themes, the blue, light blue, lighter blue, red, and gold logo shows a light blue compass with its red dial pointing to the northwest location of the game; the nautical theme continues with the waves of water shown at the bottom of the logo as well as the rope used to encircle the scripted lettering.

Here’s the full logo suite showing secondary logos and wordmarks:

The nautical theme plays up both the host city of Seattle with its location on the waterfront and “rich coastal history,” as well as the host Seattle Kraken, named for a mythological sea creature which attacked those navigating the oceans. Overall the logo is fairly straightforward; the only more subtle reference in there is the small red eye in the middle of the “n,” giving that same hint of red we see in the primary Kraken logo.

The scripted typeface used for “Winter” carries on with the same style we’ve seen since the first Winter Classic back in 2008, note that the mark has indeed evolved slightly from year to year, which you can see in the graphic below:

The 2024 NHL Winter Classic will be played on Monday, January 1, 2024, at T-Mobile Park in Seattle; it will be the first NHL outdoor game played in Seattle and the first time the Kraken has participated in one. The Vegas Golden Knights previously played in an outdoor game, albeit with no fans in attendance or at a stadium, against the Colorado Avalanche at Lake Tahoe in February 2021 — a game most remembered for the nearly 9-hour delay between the first and second periods due to heat and sunlight.

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