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Philadelphia Flyers Unveil New Uniforms, New Orange

The Philadelphia Flyers today officially unveiled their new uniforms for the 2023-24 season; SportsLogos.Net first reported on this change back in March.

It’s a return to the “Burnt Orange” used by the club on their uniforms in the 1980s and 1990s with the wider arm striping as the ones used by those clubs as well as the single black horizontal stripe right at the bottom, around the waist. Overall, it’s a slightly stripped-down and simplified version of the Eric Lindros “Legion of Doom” uniforms.

“This New Era of Orange is all about honouring our franchise’s storied past while writing an exciting, new chapter of Flyers history,” said Daniel J. Hilferty, Governor of the Philadelphia Flyers in the club’s press release. “These new uniforms represent that sentiment perfectly with details to honour previous eras paired with a fresh, modern design.”

Collars go from mostly white with hints of black around the back to all black all the way around. Player numbers on the sleeves go from two-colour to single-colour on both home and away sets. On the back, the player names remain in the alternate-colour name bars as they have for several years, but now in a slightly larger and wider font. This is something the original 1980s/90s uniforms did not incorporate.

Yes, while the new look appears to be a minor change at first glance and when viewed on its own, there are quite a few differences when you compare the two designs side-by-side. You clearly see the changes to the universal shade of orange (including on the logo), the wider arm stipes, the new collar, the waist stripes, the name font and the single-colour sleeve numbers. All different.

Take a look:

If you’re looking for something to shout back to the “What?! It’s exactly the same!” crowd, as far as I can tell, there are only two jersey elements which were left untouched — the back numbers on the home jersey and the black stripe at the end of the sleeves; everything else on the jerseys got changed in some form or another. The pants and socks remain the same, aside from the new shade of orange.

The uniforms were designed by Adidas in partnership with the Flyers. The team says they collaborated with season ticket holders and Flyers’ alumni during the design process.

The uniforms are similar in style to what Eric Lindros and the Flyers wore in the 1990s

“These burnt orange sweaters are one of the most iconic symbols of Flyers hockey,” said Keith Jones, Flyers President of Hockey Operations and Alternate Governor in the release. “There’s no doubt that this look is known throughout the NHL and uniquely beloved by our fans because it brings to life one of the most important parts of our rebuild – it honours our past while we continue to forge a new path forward.”

Frankly, I’m just glad the player numbers fit inside the sleeve stripes again.

Single-coloured numbers are worn on the Flyers’ new much wider sleeve stripes

Returning from last year is the black third uniform, which we were NOT expecting whatsoever — I’m thinking the Flyers may have made the decision to bring it back at the last minute.

You should already know this by now if you’ve looked at any of the photos above… yes, the Flyers are adding a corporate logo to their sweaters. The patch is a very not Burnt Orange shade of light blue and features the logo of IBX Independence Blue Cross. This patch will only be worn on their home orange and third black uniforms.

IBX Independence patch worn in the upper right of the orange and black uniform sweaters
Contrasting-colour name bar on the back returns

This relatively minor colour change does have a trickle-down effect (affect?) as it results in the Flyers making a super-rare change to their logo. It’s just the third logo the team has used since entering the league in 1967, though as was the case when they last played around with their colours; the only change is the shade of orange used on the puck inside the P.

Now here’s a logo history you can set your watch to:


LINK: Philadelphia Flyers all-time logo history

Anyways, the new jerseys are not yet available for purchase, and the team has not announced when they will be. All we know is when the players hit the ice this fall; they’ll do so in the classic Burnt Orange of the old Philadelphia Flyers.

All photos in the story above are courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers