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2023 MLB All-Star Game Caps Revealed

The on-field caps for the 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star Game were released this past week, a further reminder that the days of players wearing their usual team uniforms in the game are well in the past.

This season’s design, for a game played in Seattle and hosted by the Mariners, gives us mint green-coloured lids for all teams – American and National Leagues. Team logos have been recoloured in navy blue and white with a single white star added to the upper left (or what would be the Pacific Northwest region of the cap) of the logo.

On the side of the cap, we have a mountain peak-themed design in silver and “Northwest Green” with the 2023 All-Star Game secondary logo placed within it.

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Here are all thirty caps, first starting with the American League clubs:

And now the National League:

As has been the case since the 2021 All-Star Game in Colorado, players will wear a special jersey for the game; these will be released in the coming days.

Speaking honestly here, I’m really not feelin’ these All-Star uniform designs we’ve seen from MLB the last few years. If it’s gotta be done I wish they’d at least be a little more fun — a Seattle-hosted All-Star Game? How about Seattle Pilots “Scrambled Eggs” on each cap? Or… a 1979 Seattle All-Star Game style design? You know, the All-Star logo that was so popular that the Mariners just made it their own logo a couple of years later.

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Instead, we get this, which, okay, it’s not a bad design at all; it just feels… I dunno. It’s very hard to get excited about it.

Now the Workout Day caps? The ones they wear during the Home Run Derby and for all things that AREN’T the actual All-Star Game, well that’s a different story… they’re bright, colourful, and team-friendly:


Well, anywho! For those who are excited about it, you can get your 2023 on-field MLB All-Star Game caps (and the workout day caps too!) for each team right here.