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Cincinnati Bengals Petition NFL To Change Alternate Helmet Rules

Photo courtesy of @Bengals on Twitter.

When the NFL relaxed its one-helmet rule ahead of the 2022 season, it came with one stipulation, which is that teams are required to wear their second lids with their throwback, alternate or Color Rush uniforms.

That’s why the Cincinnati Bengals brought back their all-white Color Rush uniforms last fall rather than pair their new white alternate helmets with their current road uniforms, which were introduced in 2021.

Photo courtesy of @Bengals on Twitter.

It was hardly noticeable to the casual viewer, but the Bengals’ Color Rush uniform matches their previous uniform design, whereas the current road uniform most notably has a simplified striping pattern on the shoulders.

Cincinnati would have almost certainly left the Color Rush uniforms in 2020 had those rules not existed – after all, they weren’t worn at all during the 2021 season before returning for two games last fall.

But now the Bengals are hoping to ditch the Color Rush uniforms for good after they recently sent a letter to NFL asking for the league to allow them to wear their white helmet with their road uniforms.

Photo courtesy of @bengals on Instagram.

It’s probably safe to assume Cincinnati wouldn’t have shared the letter on social media if it wasn’t already approved, which means the full uniform would make its debut on Sept. 25 against the Los Angeles Rams.

It remains to be seen if this would only impact the Bengals or if it would apply to teams across the league, namely the New Orleans Saints, whose black alternate helmet doesn’t exactly match their Color Rush design.

Photo courtesy of @Bengals on Twitter.

The NFL could also look at it on a case-by-case basis, just as it did with the Carolina Panthers, who changed the designation of their Color Rush uniforms last season in order to wear all black with their new black alternate helmets.

Meanwhile, other teams that could petition the league to allow them to wear their alternate helmets with their home or road uniforms include Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions and Houston Texans.