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Nebraska Cornhuskers Unveil Throwback Uniforms Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Memorial Stadium

Photos courtesy of @HuskerFootball on Twitter.

Confirming our report from January, the Nebraska football program unveiled throwback uniforms on Tuesday morning that celebrate the 100th anniversary of Memorial Stadium.

The scarlet jerseys feature white block numbers outlined in blue, which are a nod to the blue jerseys the Cornhuskers wore in their first game at Memorial Stadium – a 24-0 win over Oklahoma on Oct. 13, 1923 – as a courtesy to the Sooners, who also wear a shade of red (crimson).

A similar situation unfolded at Nebraska Field in 1920, as well, when the Cornhuskers were forced to wear their blue freshman jerseys because South Dakota also took the field in red, since white road jerseys didn’t become the norm until the 1940-50s.

There’s a commemorative logo, which is modeled after the entrances to Memorial Stadium, on the left shoulder that includes the phrase “100 Years Through These Gates.” The number font matches the gate numbers, as well, with concrete columns on both sides.

The gate numbers notably include the phrase “Through These Gates Pass The Greatest Fans In College Football,” which was originally inscribed into the rotunda on the east side of the stadium but is now enclosed within a concourse.

There are two stripes on each sleeve, matching the Cornhuskers’ home and road uniforms. Each stripe include parts of the following quote, written by former Nebraska philosophy professor Hartley Burr Alexander and inscribed on the towers in the four corners of the stadium’s original structure:

“In Commemoration of the Men of Nebraska Who Served and Fell in the Nation’s Wars. Their Lives they held their Country’s Trust: They kept its Faith. They died its Heroes. Not the Victory but the Action: Not the Goal, but the Game. Courage: Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In These are the True Awards of Manly Sport.”

The words are no longer visible from outside of the stadium, as renovations in 1999 and 2013 covered the towers, but the third sentence – which was originally on the southwest tower – was inscribed on the new west end of the stadium above the press box entrance. 

The Cornhuskers will wear the throwback uniforms, which include their standard white helmets and pants, against Northwestern on Oct. 21, as Memorial Stadium was dedicated ahead of a 0-0 tie against Kansas on Oct. 20, 1923.