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Los Angeles Clippers Unveil New Logos, Uniforms, Court For 2024-25 Season

The Los Angeles Clippers made a surprising announcement on Monday morning when they unveiled new logos, uniforms, and court design for the 2024-25 season, which will be their first at the Intuit Dome.

The new LA Clippers logo features a stylized “C” inside a roundel, which displays the team name in a new custom typeface inspired by naval typography. Inside the “C” are the points of a compass, with the North pointing toward the “N” in Los Angeles.

The cardinal directions surround the silhouette of a forward-facing naval ship, which is a nod to the San Diego Harbor and the city where the franchise adopted its nickname. There are also basketball seams on the haul.

The logo, which can be broken down into primary or partial logos with either the ship or “C” with the compass, is rendered in the team’s updated color scheme of navy blue, red, light blue and gray, the last two being accent colors.

The white Association and navy blue Icon Edition uniforms feature an updated version of the Clippers’ script wordmark across the chest and a thin, light blue stripe stretching from the arm holes to the bottom of the shorts.

Both jerseys have a contrasting striping pattern on the arm holes and collar that can also be seen on the bottom of the shorts, complete with the primary logo on the right leg and an “LA” script logo on the waistband.

Meanwhile, the red Statement Edition set prominently displays a new “Los Angeles” script across the chest and nautical flags down the side panels, spelling out “LAC” against a navy blue or white background. It’s the Clippers’ first red uniform since their 2015-17 road set.

The flags do not carry over to the shorts, which have a white and navy blue striping pattern that separates at the bottom, with blue going around the front and white around the back. They also include the Clippers’ new primary logo on the right leg and a “Clips” wordmark on the waistband.

Finally, the Clippers’ new court design prominently displays the new global logo at midcourt, a navy blue key with a red half circle, navy blue sidelines and navy blue baselines, which include the naval-inspired “Los Angeles” wordmark in the lower half.

The design also has the latitude and longitude of Inglewood – their new home after 25 seasons at Crypto.com Arena in downtown Los Angeles – along the bottom sideline. The Intuit Dome wordmark is also in the new shade of light blue.

That said, this won’t be the only court design the Clippers next season, as they’ll unveil another alongside new City Edition uniforms in late October or early November, along with the rest of the league.