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NWSL Undergoes ‘Kit Reset’ for 2024 Season

For the first time in its history, every team in the National Women’s Soccer League will have new primary and secondary kits in 2024.

The league and supplier Nike announced the “kit reset” on Tuesday, February 27, touting the new designs as ones “that convey each club’s rich identity.”

Each team’s primary kits express their unique stories through color and graphics while the secondary kits are inspired by the strength of the collective. The pre-match tops feature a shared design created by stacking traditional team crests on top of each other, adding textures and colors to symbolically unite the clubs.


Of note, none of the teams will have white shorts in their 2024 uniform rotations; Nike said in its press release that it was “responding to NWSL players who cited them as a distraction on the pitch.” This follows the lead of European clubs whose women’s teams had shelved their white shorts due to concerns about playing while menstruating.

The 2024 NWSL regular season kicks off on Saturday, March 16. Here’s what each team will be wearing then, plus what Nike had to say about each kit:


Primary Kit: “Moonlight”

  • Angel City FC’s black and gray primary “Moonlight” kit is a nod to the club’s mantra, “Volemos,” featuring a wing that’s burst from its crest. The gravelly texture is a reminder that the path ahead requires grit and determination.
  • The jersey has pops of the club’s standard pink colorway, “Sol Rosa,” in the Swoosh, crest, name and number set.

Secondary Kit: “Sol”

  • Optimism is at the heart of ACFC, and its new secondary kit celebrates the collective joy of the club and community as they look to build a brighter future. It features the signature sunrise gradient from their crest, making it the club’s first kit that is primarily Sol Rosa.
  • Together, these jerseys pair two seemingly contrasting ideals — grit and joy, embracing them both as an essential part of ACFC’s culture.


  • With this being its first year in the NWSL, Bay FC is ready to charge onto the local sport scene and redefine what soccer looks like for the entire Bay Area. It’s a unique opportunity for Bay Area fans to represent a women’s professional team for the first time in over a decade.
  • The kit represents the anticipation of what’s to come and celebrates how Bay FC will change the game with new legends to admire, new memories to create and new team colors to wear with pride.
  • The primary and secondary kits are a milestone, not only representing the fact that Bay FC is a reality, but also inspiring us all to “Be legendary.”
  • More details on the primary kit here.


  • The Chicago Red Stars’ 2024 primary kit represents the patchwork of people and cultures that make up the incredible city they call home.
  • Nine varying stripe patterns radiate from the heart (and club’s crest) of the lake-hued blue jersey, symbolizing how the neighborhoods all come together.
  • Reminiscent of Chicago’s flag, the red, white and blue kit features an outer pride of four stars, representing the city’s rich and resilient history.
  • The club’s players earn their stars and wear them proudly on this jersey.


Primary Kit: “10th Anniversary”

  • The Dash’s 2024 primary kit celebrates the stars of Houston, with a nod to some of the jerseys worn by other local teams and the city’s legacy of innovation and space exploration.
  • A dimensionalized stripe pattern across the bright orange jersey was made by piecing multi- colored quasars (a.k.a., stars), as shown on the team’s crest, together.
  • A special graphic inspired by street art, the team’s outer pride — “HOU” in a block, with the quasar, solidifying its place as a space city — is displayed on the lower right side of the jersey.

Secondary Kit: “Space City Blue”


  • The Kansas City Current’s 2024 primary kit was designed in honor of the team’s new home, CPKC Stadium, the first stadium built for a women’s professional sports team in the world. With the Missouri River as its backdrop, it gives new meaning to the club’s mantra, “Teal Rising.”
  • As reflected on KC’s crest, three rivers wind across the front of the jersey and eventually merge to become even stronger together.
  • The team’s signature red dominates the uniform, but vertical teal stripes rise up along the sides of the jersey, representing the power of the Current.


  • The iconic New York City skyline — and all the light Gotham FC’s players emanate both on the field and off — inspired the team’s 2024 primary kit.
  • Gotham FC’s crest features NYC’s original “heroine of light,” the Statue of Liberty, and the points of her crown were used to create the gradated icy blue pattern on the jersey.
  • A black sash cuts through the two triangles, signifying the Hudson River that lies between fans’ beloved New York and New Jersey, where the team plays.
  • Gotham is known as a city of darkness, where there are no limits to what you can achieve, and this team continues to rise with grit and grind unlike anywhere else.
  • On the 2024 jerseys there is a new gold star above their crest representing them as the reigning NWSL Champions.


  • A bold shift from its traditional uniform, the Courage’s 2024 primary kit gives a retro shout-out to the Triangle region of North Carolina where they play.
  • The graphic use of the triangle on the jersey also celebrates all the various angles of attack the team throws at its opponents.
  • Their outer pride, on the lower right side of the jersey, reads “Be > Seem” and is a reference to the state’s official motto: “To be, rather than to seem.”
  • The team pushed boundaries on its color palette, diffusing shades of red and blue, throughout its entire collection for the season.


Primary Kit: “Citrus Kit”

  • The Orlando Pride’s 2024 primary “Citrus” kit takes direct inspiration from Central Florida’s citrus industry. From the groves surrounding the city to the classic citrus crate packaging, this design connects the club directly to its history and its community.
  • With this audacious design, the Pride introduce a brand new, never-worn-before color palette to the pitch — a contemporary take on the classic orange grove-inspired colorway, featuring dreamy oranges and iced out greens.
  • Custom embellishments on the Citrus kit reflect the historic citrus crate packaging and labels unique to each grove. On the back of the socks, a hand-scripted “Pride” takes its cues from the lettering on these labels.
  • An outer pride, on the lower right side of the jersey, is a stylized “OP,” featuring an orange cross-section for the O and orange blossom leaves and flowers for the P.

Secondary Kit: “Phoenix Kit”


Primary Kit: “Forever Thorn Kit”

  • With a modern edge to the team and its game, Portland Thorns FC sets to inspire the next generation of athletes with their 2024 primary kit.
  • A Thorn is sharp, always ready to attack and commanding respect, and geometric thorns across the jersey and along its neckline put that on display.
  • This jersey introduces a bold color palette for 2024, inspired by the City of Roses.
  • Proud to call Portland home, the team accentuates their city’s initials, “PDX,” constructed out of thorns, on the lower right side of the jersey.

Secondary Kit: “The Reflection Kit”


Primary Kit: “The Winner’s Circle Kit”

  • Celebrating Louisville’s cultural connection to horse racing, Racing Louisville FC’s new primary kit serves as a good reminder that size does not define strength.
  • Similar to jockeys, players from RLFC are always prepared to set the pace.
  • Inspired by traditional horse racing silks, the jersey features a lavender diamond pattern with an argyle mint overlay.
  • The fleur-de-lis on RLFC’s crest is a nod to Louisville’s French heritage and was used as a design element in both the argyle on the uniform and the team’s outer pride symbol.


  • Conjuring up images of a classic San Diego sunset, the Wave’s 2024 primary kit brings a bright new energy to the field this season.
  • Inspired by the shared horizon — where the ocean meets the sky — this uniform, like this game and this team, goes beyond cultures and borders, bringing people together.
  • The bold orange, pink and turquoise wave-like pattern throughout the jersey accentuates the joy and energy found in “America’s Finest City.”
  • A hand-drawn “Wave FC” outer pride sits at the right hip.


  • The Seattle Reign FC’s 2024 primary kit symbolizes the club’s regal legacy and the return of its name and identity from the inaugural 2013 season, with their beloved queen back on a reimagined logo and crest.
  • The uniform kicks off a new golden era of the game in Seattle, as the “Reign Returns.”
  • With pops of gold and a bold, blackened blue background, the kit brings strength and power to the pitch, as the team reflects on its past and continues to forge a bright, new future.


Primary Kit: “The Ascent”

  • Commemorating their return to the NWSL this season, the Utah Royal FC’s primary kit, dubbed “The Ascent,” celebrates the glorious mountain ranges that define — and provide for — the entire state.
  • On the jersey, the mountains merge with design, and the colors tell the stories of the land that plays an essential part of everyday life in Utah — from Moab, Provo, SLC, Ogden to Bear Lake.
  • The tonal print on the jersey is reminiscent of the golden hue of the natural landscape, with the sun diffusing through, on display as you fly into — or hike through — Utah.
  • As a team that represents the whole state when it plays, the Royals’ uniform is reflective of that notoriety, with its rich gold, yellow and royal blue colorways.
  • The kit features a new, hand-drawn crest and a scripted “One Utah” outer pride on the right hip.
  • Like all of Utah, the Royals FC players are shaped by what the mountains provide.

Secondary Kit: “Mountain Heir”


Primary Kit: “Blackout”

  • Steering away from its traditional red, white and blue colorways, the Washington Spirits’ 2024 primary “Blackout” kit signifies a new era for the team under the leadership of Michele Kang.
  • The blackout kit includes a tonal grey and black graphic on the jersey inspired by the columns and architecture found throughout the area, and the convergence of patterns is reflective of bridging the communities within D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

Secondary Kit: “Spotlight”

  • The Spirit’s vibrant secondary “Spotlight” kit is a nod to the club’s trailblazing spirit and a hint at the new brand positioning that will continue to take shape over the next couple of years.