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Cleveland Browns Legend Leaks Team’s New Helmet for 2024

Despite last suiting up for the Browns thirty years ago, Eric Metcalf is still turning heads in Cleveland.

Late last night, the Cleveland Browns legend posted a mini Browns helmet he received in the mail from the team with the caption, “OG making a comeback in ’24!!!”. The problem was that it was a helmet change that had not yet been unveiled by the team.

The accompanying photo showed the usual plain orange Browns helmet paired with a white facemask rather than a brown facemask, as the club had been using since 2015. Before wearing brown, the Browns had had grey facemasks from 2006 to 2014. The last time Cleveland wore a full-time white facemask was in 2005; it was first worn by the team in 1975.

The Tweet was eventually deleted, but not before it was read more than 30,000 times (and promptly screencapped and passed around).

Metcalf’s Tweet all but confirms what SportsLogos.Net had already reported earlier this month—the Browns are going back to the white facemask full-time. The team is expected to make this official tomorrow.

Eric Metcalf spent 14 seasons in the NFL from 1989 to 2002 and was renowned for his versatility and explosive playmaking abilities, particularly during his tenure with the Cleveland Browns but also spent time with the Falcons, Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, Redskins, and Packers. He played in three Pro Bowls and was named a “Cleveland Browns Legend” in 2008.