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Cleveland Browns Update Helmets, Logo For 2024

The Cleveland Browns confirmed our report from earlier this month by announcing this morning that they are returning to white facemasks and a glossy finish on their helmets and updating their logo to reflect the change.

“We are excited to honour our storied history through the return of the white facemask,” executive vice president J.W. Johnson said in a press release. “As we continue to write the next chapter of Browns’ history, we reflect on different eras, such as the Kardiac Kids and the return of the franchise, that led us to this place in time.”

The new Cleveland Browns helmet is glossy with a white facemask (Photo: Bri Ali/Browns)

The Browns originally wore white facemasks on glossy orange helmets from 1975-95 and again upon their return as an expansion franchise from 1999-2005. Their primary logo also matched that design during those seasons.

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When Cleveland moved to a gray facemask in 2006 as part of the franchise’s 60th anniversary celebration, the logo changed again, just as it did when the Browns switched to a brown facemask as part of a new uniform set in 2015

cleveland browns helmet history all-time 1961 to 2024
The Cleveland Browns have worn a blank helmet since 1961 with different facemasks

The helmet notably changed from a glossy to a matte finish that season, while the stripes included a carbon fibre pattern. The finish and brown facemask remained when Cleveland returned to a classic uniform design in 2020

“We heard our loyal fans and are thrilled to see the white facemask featured on the Browns’ helmets beginning with the 2024 season and beyond as we continue to write the history of our franchise,” Johnson added.

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The Browns have been hinting at the latest change for two seasons now. They wore a white facemask during a 13-3 win over three Baltimore Ravens in 2022 and a 13-10 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023.

The Browns wore white facemasks for a game this past season on November 19, 2023

The news seems to be welcome to most fans and those who generally enjoy logos and uniforms. Our quick Twitter poll this morning (before the look was officially unveiled) showed a clear majority preferred the white facemask to any other Browns helmet combo:

With nearly 500 votes cast in just under an hour, the orange with white mask took 63.9% of the vote, well ahead of the runner-up, last year’s combo of orange with brown, at 15.5%. Orange with grey came in third at 14.9%, and the alternate white shell with brown facemask placed a distant fourth at 5.8%

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